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NC Sandhills RCW
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Raleigh Ecological Services Field Office
798839 , TE798839-1
Permit amended administratively to transfer from species recovery coordinator to SandHills coordinator.
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environmental assessment
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    The Sandhills Physiographic Region of south-central North Carolina including Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Moore, Richmond, and Scotland counties. Lands to be included are south of Hwy 24/27 in Moore County; east of Hwy 220 and north of Hwy 74 in Richmond County; north of Hwys 74 and 401 in Scotland County; north of Hwy 401 in Hoke County; west of I-95 in Cumberland County; and south of Hwy 27 and west of Hwy 401 in Harnett County
    Listed Species
  • Woodpecker, red-cockaded - (Picoides borealis) Entire E
  • Non-Listed Species
    No non-listed species
    The Sandhills Region consists of a variety of plant communities both wet and dry. Wetlands range from small springs and seeps to swamp forests. Streamhead pocosins (boggy shrub-dominated areas along streams) are particularly abundant in the Sandhills. Upland areas are generally dominated by the longleaf pine (Pinus palustris)community type. Other pine species that are dominant and/or canopy associates with longleaf pine include loblolly pine (P. taeda), slash pine (P. elliotii), and pond pine (P. serotina). In relatively undisturbed areas, the dominant ground cover is wiregrass (Aristida stricta), a clump-forming grass that has narrow blades and an extensive root system to help it survive periods of drought. Understory vegetation consists of turkey oak (Quercus laevis) on dry sites and other oaks on less dry sites.
  • North Carolina
  • Size (Total Area Covered, by State)
  • 500000 acres (North Carolina)
    As of August 2015: FY 15 New Agreements = 2, acres = 104 Total agreements = 121; Total acres 62,659.
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    Data not available
    As of August 2015: FY 15 New Agreements = 2, acres = 104 Total agreements = 121; Total acres 62,659.
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    Land Use
    forest management activities
    recreational activities
    99 years, 0 months
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