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Red Knot Cooperative Agreement
USFWS Region(s)
USFWS Field Office(s)
New Jersey Ecological Services Field Office
Involved Agency
  • Date Information
  • Date Assistance Initiated
    Date Agreement Received
    No info
    Date of Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS
    Date Agreement Signed
    Date Agreement Withdrawn
    Date Agreement Expired
  • Area Description Information
  • Location
    Delaware Bay
  • Knot, red - (Calidris canutus rufa)
    Current ESA Status: T
    ESA Status at time of signing: UR

  • Habitat
    The shore of the Delaware Bay is the only significant breeding area for horseshoe crabs on the Atlantic coast of North American. The red knot rely on the eggs of the horseshoe crab as a food source to fuel the migratory flight from the wintering grounds of Chile and Argentina, to the breeding grounds of the Arctic (2000 miles).
  • New Jersey
  • Size (Total Area Covered, by State)
    Data not available
    Enrolled Size (Total Area Enrolled, by State)
    Data not available
    Encompassed Planning Area? (by state)
  • No
  • Acreage Protected
    No info
    Acreage Created/Enhanced/Restored
    No info
  • Other Information
  • Partner Type
    state agency
    Land Use
    water activities
    business/commercial construction
    recreational activities
    residential construction
    5 years, 0 months
    Reporting Frequency
    Annual written progress summary.
    Report Received Date(s)
    No info
    Effectiveness of Agreement on ESA/Candidate Status
    lowered Listing Priority number
    No info
    FWS Contact
    Annette Scherer, New Jersey Field Office
    WO Copy of Agreement
    Monitoring Notes
    No info
    Additional Notes
    No info
    Plan/Agreement Documents
    No info
    Federal Register Documents
    No info

    Report generated on: February 12, 2016
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