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Malpai Borderlands
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environmental assessment
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  • Location
    The Malpai Borderlands is in the southeastern corner of Arizona (Cochise County) and southwestern corner of New Mexico(Hidalgo County). It is immediately north of Mexico.
    Listed Species
  • Catfish, Yaqui - (Ictalurus pricei) Entire T
  • Chub, Yaqui - (Gila purpurea) Entire E
  • Cuckoo, yellow-billed - (Coccyzus americanus) Western U.S. DPS T
  • falcon, northern aplomado - (Falco femoralis septentrionalis) Entire, except where listed as an experimental population E
  • Frog, Chiricahua leopard - (Rana chiricahuensis) Entire T
  • Owl, Mexican spotted - (Strix occidentalis lucida) Entire T
  • Rattlesnake, New Mexican ridge-nosed - (Crotalus willardi obscurus) Entire T
  • Shiner, beautiful - (Cyprinella formosa) Entire T
  • Topminnow, Gila (incl. Yaqui) - (Poeciliopsis occidentalis) Entire E
  • Water-umbel, Huachuca - (Lilaeopsis schaffneriana var. recurva) E
  • Non-Listed Species
  • Dace, longfin - (Agosia chrysogaster) SC
  • Frog, lowland leopard (=San Felipe leopard) - (Rana yavapaiensis) SC
  • Gartersnake, Mexican - (Thamnophis eques megalops)
  • Jackrabbit, White-sided - (Lepus callotis gaillardi)
  • NO COMMON NAME - (lasiurus blosseveillii)
  • Owl, Burrowing - (Athene cunicularia)
  • Prairie dog, black-tailed - (Cynomys ludovicianus) RT
  • Stoneroller, Mexican - (Campostoma ornatum) SC
  • Sucker, Yaqui - (Catostomus bernardini)
  • Habitat
    Aquatic communities (ponds, creeks, cienegas), montane communities (Madrean evergreen woodland and Petran montane coniferous forest vegetation associations), southern Arizona semidesert grassland and upper Sonoran desert scrub associations, limestone hills within semidesert grassland association.
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • Size (Total Area Covered, by State)
  • 500000 acres (Arizona)
  • 300000 acres (New Mexico)
  • Enrolled Size (Total Area Enrolled, by State)
    Data not available
    Data not available
  • Other Information
  • Applicant Type
    non-governmental organization
    Land Use
    30 years, 0 months
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