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Habitat Conservation Plan for the West Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel: Recreation and Infrastructure Expansion at Snowshoe Mountain
USFWS Region(s)
USFWS Field Office(s)
West Virginia Ecological Services Field Office
NEPA Process
environmental assessment
Involved Agency
  • Date Information
  • Date Assistance Initiated
    Date Application Received
    Date of Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS
    Date Noticed in Federal Register
    Date Permit Issued
    Date Application Withdrawn
    Date Permit Expired
    Date Permit Denied
    Date Permit Suspended
    Date Permit Revoked
  • Area Description Information
  • Location
    Snowshoe Mountain Resort, northern Pocahontas County, West Virginia
    Listed Species
    No listed species
    Non-Listed Species
  • Squirrel, Virginia northern flying - (Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus) Entire DM
  • Habitat
    Red Spruce Forest (see other entries for additional information).
  • West Virginia
  • Size (Total Area Covered, by State)
  • 162.1 acres (West Virginia)
  • Enrolled Size (Total Area Enrolled, by State)
    Data not available
    Encompassed Planning Area? (by state)
  • No
  • Acreage Protected
    119 acres
    Acreage Created/Enhanced/Restored
    No info
    Acreage Adversely Affected
    43 acres
  • Other Information
  • Applicant Type
    Land Use
    business/commercial construction
    recreational activities
    10 years, 0 months
    Reporting Frequency
    Annually: during construction phase, and for 4 years of operation following construction
    Report Received Date(s)
    Monitoring Notes
    No monitoring or implementation issues.
    Additional Notes
    In 2006, executed a minor amendment that consolidated two small conservation areas (from the original Camp Wilderness HCP and the Infrastructure and Recreation HCP)into one large block that is more beneficial at the landscape level. Also combined annual monitoring reports for these two HCPs. The Nature Conservancy holds the conservation easement. With the delisting of the WVNFS in Sept. 2008, Snowshoe exercised an option in the HCP to discontinue monitoring. The conservation area remains protected in perpetuity regardless of the status of the WVNFS. When the squirrel was relisted as a rseult of a lawsuit, Snowshoe resumed monitoring. In a letetr dated November 16, 2011, the FWS approved a minor amendment to the HCP's list of covered activities. We removed the construction of the Learning Center and approved the construction and operation of a mountain bike trail with a reduced level of habitat impact on WVNFS.
    Plan/Agreement Documents
    No info
    Federal Register Documents
    Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants: Notice of Receipt of an Application for an Incidental Take Permit and Availability and Opening of Comment Period for a Draft Environmental Assessment Habitat Conservation Plan for the West Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel in Association wiht Snowshoe Mountain, Incorporated, Pocahontas County, WV (09/07/2005)

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