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Cheeca Lodge Schaus Swallowtail
USFWS Region(s)
USFWS Field Office(s)
South Florida Ecological Services Field Office
NEPA Process
categorical exclusion
Involved Agency
  • Date Information
  • Date Assistance Initiated
    Date Application Received
    Date of Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS
    Date Noticed in Federal Register
    Date Permit Issued
    Date Application Withdrawn
    Date Permit Expired
    Date Permit Denied
    Date Permit Suspended
    Date Permit Revoked
  • Area Description Information
  • Location
    Cheeca Lodge golf course, Upper Matecumbe Key, Florida
    Listed Species
  • Butterfly, Schaus swallowtail - (Heraclides aristodemus ponceanus) Entire E
  • Non-Listed Species
    No non-listed species
    tropical hardwood hammocks of the Florida Keys
  • Florida
  • Size (Total Area Covered, by State)
  • 27 acres (Florida)
    covers entire Cheeca Lodge property but part of Cheeca Lodge has been developed and much of the remainder is a golf course
  • Enrolled Size (Total Area Enrolled, by State)
    Data not available
    covers entire Cheeca Lodge property but part of Cheeca Lodge has been developed and much of the remainder is a golf course
    Encompassed Planning Area? (by state)
  • No
  • Acreage Protected
    No info
    Acreage Created/Enhanced/Restored
    8 acres
  • Other Information
  • Applicant Type
    Land Use
    recreational activities
    10 years, 0 months
    Reporting Frequency
    annual reports for the first three years following issuance of the permit
    Report Received Date(s)
    No info
    Cheeca Lodge, University of Florida - McGuire Center for Lepidoptera Research
    FWS Contact
    Britta Muiznieks, Crocodile Lake NWR, Key Largo, FL (305)453-3777
    WO Copy of Agreement
    No info
    Monitoring Notes
    Following the effective date of the permit, the University of Florida, Department of Entomology, the primary cooperator on this project will: (1) at least 6 times annually for the first 3 years, monitor the status of all planted vegetation and take appropriate measures to enhance the vigor and survival of the planted vegetation and (2) at least 4 times annually for the first 3 years, monitor butterfly use of the planted vegetation
    Additional Notes
    This SHA is intended to help facilitate dispersal of the swallowtail from occupied habitat in the upper Florida Keys to unoccupied, suitable habitat in the lower Keys. Much of the habitat between the current population and the lower Keys has been lost due to development, invasion of exotic species, and damage from hurricanes. This SHA would restore a small area of tropical hardwood hammock habitat that is intended to provide foraging and resting habitat for butterflies that may disperse naturally from the upper Keys and promote their movement toward the lower Keys. There are currently no butterflies or suitable habitat present on Cheeca Lodge.
    Plan/Agreement Documents
    No info
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    Report generated on: February 13, 2016
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