Plans and Agreements Data Definitions

Title: The name of the plan/applicant or agreement.
USFWS Region(s): The USFWS region involved with the plan.

USFWS Field Office(s): The USFWS field office involved with the plan.

Permits: The permit number/code of the plan. HCP/SHA/CCAA

Status: The status of the plan.
NEPA Process: The type of NEPA process associated with the plan. More than one process type may apply. HCP/SHA
Involved Agency: The agency that was involved in issuing the permit, either by signing the Implementation Agreement or permit, or by being part of the negotiation process. Options include:
Budget Type: Applies to Region 1 only. The budget type of the plan, can be Forest Plan or NCCP Plan. The NCCP Plan applies only to certain plans in the state of California, so in some cases a plan in this area can have both budget types apply. HCP Only

Date Noticed in Federal Register: : The publication date in the Federal Register that the plan was noticed for public review. HCP/SHA/CCAA

Location: A description of the plan location, such as city, county and state names.

Listed Species: The common name of the listed species covered (i.e. listed on the permit) in the plan.

Non-Listed Species: The common name of the non-listed species covered in the plan.

Habitat: A discussion of the major types of habitat addressed in the plan.

State(s): The state(s) the plan is located within.

Size: The amount of land within the planning area addressed in the plan. Most frequently recorded in acres, occasionally recorded in linear miles.

Applicant/Partner Type: Describe the applicants/oartners for whom the incidental take permit will be issued. More than one applicant type may apply. Options include:
Land Use: Describe the covered activities in the HCP. More than one land use type may apply. Options include:
Duration: The length of the incidental take permit, in years and months of time.

Documents: Any PDF documents that are currently linked to the plan/agreement and available for download.