Submittal Instructions

The USFWS is gathering all available Critical Habitat GIS data and metadata in order to provide online access to the data. Data received from USFWS regions will be reviewed and made available on this website pending the review process. Following is a brief description of data formatting requirements, metadata specifications, and data submittal procedures.

Data Format

All data should be submitted in ESRI shapefile, coverage, or Arc export (.e00) format. Before submission, please check all data for attribute, feature, and topological errors.

Metadata Specifications

Every spatial dataset should be submitted along with a related metadata record. All metadata records need to be FGDC compliant and should pass MP, the FGDC metadata parser. If you do not currently have the parser, it can be downloaded at Other metadata creation tools are also available at this site.

Data Submittal Procedures

Contact the ECOS help desk for data submittal procedures and Critical Habitat data / metadata questions.