ECOS web services are available as OGC Web Mapping Services and XQuery. All webservices are offered free of charge and are available to those who may require ECOS data as a component of their own applications.

Critical Habitat Web Mapping Service

The Fish & Wildlife Service provides Critical Habitat data via an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Mapping Service (WMS) and KML. The urls to those services are:


View the capabilities of the service here.

For more information about Critical Habitat, visit the official U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Critical Habitat application.

XQuery Web Services

ECOS offers the TESS Query web services via the XML Query Language XQuery to distribute Listed Species data to the public.

Report Services

The following reports export their data and metadata as JSON and may be used as web service endpoints. Each report has the same basic JSON structure although data value structure varies between reports:

{ "metadata": {
"title": "..."
,"description": "..."
,"columns" : [
     { "name": "..."
       ,"description": "..."
     } ...
,"data": [

Important: Although the U.S. FWS strives to keep the report services API as structurally stable as possible, report services may change without notice in response upgrades and updates.

Endangered Species Act Petitions Received by Fish and Wildlife Service JSON

Report of Petitions sent to the U.S. FWS regarding Listed species.

FWS & NOAA-Fisheries Species Listed as Distinct Population Segments (DPS) JSON

FWS & NOAA-Fisheries Species Listed as Distinct Population Segments (DPS).