Puerto Rican boa (Epicrates inornatus)

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The color is somewhat variable but usually ranges from pale to dark brown, sometimes grayish, with 7O to 8O darker colored blotches along the back from neck to vent. These dorsal blotches are generally dark-bordered with the centers of a lighter hue. Maximum size is approximately 6 and a half feet. Observations of captive specimens suggest that under natural conditions the diet of sub-adults and adults consists of birds, small mammals, and lizards. Rodr¡guez and Reagan (1984) report bat predation by the Puerto Rican boa. The boa feeds by seizing the prey in its jaws, wrapping several coils around the victim, and then constricting until the prey has suffocated. The prey is then swallowed head first. The feeding habits of the very young are unknown.

  • States/US Territories in which the Puerto Rican boa, Entire is known to or is believed to occur:  Puerto Rico
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Current Listing Status Summary
Status Date Listed Lead Region Where Listed
10/13/1970 Southeast Region (Region 4) Entire

» Federal Register Documents

Federal Register Documents
Date Citation Page Title
10/13/1970 35 FR 16047 16048 Appendix D - United States List of Endangered Native Fish and Wildlife; 35 FR 16047 16048
08/25/1970 35 FR 13519 13520 Notice of Proposed Rule Making (Conservation of Endangered Species and Other Fish or Wildlife)
09/12/2005 70 FR 53807 53808 5-Year Review of Eight Southeastern Species

» Recovery

Current Recovery Plan(s)
Date Title Plan Action Status Plan Status
03/27/1986 Recovery Plan for the Puerto Rican Boa View Implementation Progress Final
Other Recovery Documents
Date Citation Page Title Document Type
09/12/2005 70 FR 53807 53808 5-Year Review of Eight Southeastern Species
  • Notice 5-year Review
Five Year Review
Date Title
09/16/2011 Puerto Rican Boa (Epicrates inornatus) 5-Year Review: Summary and Evaluation

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No critical habitat rules have been published for the Puerto Rican boa.

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No conservation plans have been created for Puerto Rican boa.

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No Life History information has been entered into this system for this species.

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