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Here are all the species that match your criteria. Please click on the the Scientific Name to find out more about the particular species.

Inverted Common Name Scientific Name Where Listed Lead Region Listing Status
Amphipod, diminutive Gammarus hyalleloides Entire 2 E
Amphipod, Hay's Spring Stygobromus hayi Entire 5 E
Amphipod, Illinois cave Gammarus acherondytes Entire 3 E
Amphipod, Kauai cave Spelaeorchestia koloana Entire 1 E
Amphipod, Noel's Gammarus desperatus Entire 2 E
Amphipod, Peck's cave Stygobromus (=Stygonectes) pecki Entire 2 E
Amphipod, Pecos Gammarus pecos Entire 2 E
Crayfish, cave Cambarus aculabrum Entire 4 E
Crayfish, cave Cambarus zophonastes Entire 4 E
Crayfish, Nashville Orconectes shoupi Entire 4 E
Crayfish, Shasta Pacifastacus fortis Entire 8 E
Fairy shrimp, Conservancy Branchinecta conservatio Entire 8 E
Fairy shrimp, longhorn Branchinecta longiantenna Entire 8 E
Fairy shrimp, Riverside Streptocephalus woottoni Entire 8 E
Fairy shrimp, San Diego Branchinecta sandiegonensis Entire 8 E
Fairy shrimp, vernal pool Branchinecta lynchi Entire 8 T
Isopod, Lee County cave Lirceus usdagalun Entire 5 E
Isopod, Madison Cave Antrolana lira Entire 5 T
Isopod, Socorro Thermosphaeroma thermophilus Entire 2 E
Shrimp, Alabama cave Palaemonias alabamae Entire 4 E
Shrimp, anchialine pool Vetericaris chaceorum Entire 1 E
Shrimp, California freshwater Syncaris pacifica Entire 8 E
Shrimp, Kentucky cave Palaemonias ganteri Entire 4 E
Shrimp, Squirrel Chimney Cave Palaemonetes cummingi Entire 4 T
Tadpole shrimp, vernal pool Lepidurus packardi Entire 8 E