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Listed species believed to or known to occur in Iowa


Listed species -- 18 listings

Animals -- 13 listings
Status Species/Listing Name
E Bat, Indiana Entire (Myotis sodalis)
T Bat, Northern long-eared  (Myotis septentrionalis)
E Higgins eye (pearlymussel) Entire (Lampsilis higginsii)
T Knot, red  (Calidris canutus rufa)
E Mussel, sheepnose  (Plethobasus cyphyus)
T Plover, piping except Great Lakes watershed (Charadrius melodus)
E Shiner, Topeka Entire (Notropis topeka (=tristis))
T Skipper, Dakota  (Hesperia dacotae)
E skipperling, Poweshiek  (Oarisma poweshiek)
E Snail, Iowa Pleistocene Entire (Discus macclintocki)
E Spectaclecase (mussel)  (Cumberlandia monodonta)
E Sturgeon, pallid Entire (Scaphirhynchus albus)
E Tern, least interior pop. (Sterna antillarum)
Plants -- 5 listings
Status Species/Listing Name
T Bush-clover, prairie (Lespedeza leptostachya)
T Milkweed, Mead's (Asclepias meadii)
T Monkshood, northern wild (Aconitum noveboracense)
T Orchid, eastern prairie fringed (Platanthera leucophaea)
T Orchid, western prairie fringed (Platanthera praeclara)