Data Definitions

MSCP, City of San Diego Subarea Plan

Habitat Conservation Plan

USFWS Region(s) 8
USFWS Field Office(s) Carlsbad Fish And Wildlife Office
Permits 830421
Status I
NEPA Process environmental impact statement
Involved Agency USFWS

Date Information

Date Noticed in Federal Register No info
Date Permit Issued 07/18/1997
Date Application Withdrawn
Date Permit Expired ---
Date Permit Denied ---
Date Permit Suspended ---
Date Permit Revoked ---

Area Description Information

Location San Diego Co., CA
Listed Species
Non-Listed Species
  • Q3AO|Agave, Shaw's - (Agave shawii) Wherever found SC
  • Q253|Aphanisma - (Aphanisma blitoides) Wherever found SC
  • ZZ88|Badger, American - (Taxidea taxus)
  • Q19Q|Beargrass, Dehesa - (Nolina interrata) Wherever found RT
  • Q31C|Bird's-beak, Orcutt's - (Cordylanthus orcuttianus) Wherever found SC
  • B06P|Blackbird, tricolored - (Agelaius tricolor) Wherever found UR
  • X486|Bluebird, Western - (Sialia mexicana)
  • Q1NZ|Butterweed, Gander - (Packera ganderi) Wherever found SC
  • Q2O1|Ceanothus, Lakeside - (Ceanothus cyaneus) Wherever found SC
  • B06S|Curlew, long-billed - (Numenius americanus) Wherever found RT
  • R00C|Cypress, Tecate - (Cupressus forbesii) Wherever found SC
  • ZZ63|Deer, southern mule - (Odocoileus hemionus fuliginata)
  • Q0O9|Dudleya, short-leaved - (Dudleya blochmaniae brevifolia) Wherever found RT
  • Q0OI|Dudleya, variegated - (Dudleya variegata) Wherever found SC
  • X480|Eagle, Bald - (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
  • X400|Eagle, Golden - (Aquila chrysaetos)
  • B06U|Egret, reddish - (Egretta rufescens) Wherever found SC
  • B01H|Falcon, American peregrine - (Falco peregrinus anatum) Wherever found DM
  • X402|Frog, Red-legged - (Rana aurora)
  • Q3IT|Goldenbush, Palmer's - (Ericameria palmeri ssp. palmeri) Wherever found SU
  • Q18V|Goldenstar, San Diego - (Muilla clevelandii) Wherever found SC
  • B00B|Goose, Aleutian Canada - (Branta canadensis leucopareia) Wherever found DM
  • I0L5|Hairstreak, Thorne's - (Mitoura thornei) Wherever found RT
  • B0EM|harrier, Northern - (circus cyaneus) Wherever found SC
  • B0DT|hawk, Cooper's - (Accipiter cooperii) Wherever found SC
  • B06X|Hawk, ferruginous - (Buteo regalis) Wherever found RT
  • B070|Hawk, Swainson's - (Buteo swainsoni) Wherever found RT
  • B071|Ibis, white-faced - (Plegadis chihi) Wherever found SC
  • Q0DC|Jewelflower, slender-pod - (Caulanthus heterophyllus) Wherever found RT
  • Q0OJ|Liveforever, sticky-leaved - (Dudleya viscida) Wherever found RT
  • C05W|Lizard, San Diego horned - (Phrynosoma coronatum blainvillii) Wherever found SC
  • Q03H|Manzanita, Otay - (Arctostaphylos otayensis) Wherever found SC
  • Q0AD|Mariposa lily, Dunn's - (Calochortus dunnii) Wherever found SC
  • A0HV|Mountain lion, California - (Felis concolor californica) Wherever found RT
  • Q1PN|Nightshade, narrow-leaved - (Solanum tenuilobatum) Wherever found SC
  • B0AR|Owl, western burrowing - (Athene cunicularia ssp. hypugaea) Wherever found SC
  • R00I|Pine, Torrey, Del Mar - (Pinus torreyana torreyana) Wherever found SC
  • Q2C7|Pitcher-sage, Gander's - (Lepechinia ganderi) Wherever found SC
  • Q2C6|Pitcher-sage, heart-leaved - (Lepechinia cardiophylla) Wherever found SC
  • B078|Plover, mountain - (Charadrius montanus) Wherever found RT
  • Q26H|Reedgrass, dense - (Calamagrostis koelerioides) Wherever found RT
  • Q3FI|Rose, small-leaved - (Rosa minutifolia) Wherever found SC
  • Q3AC|Sand aster, Del Mar - (Corethrogyne filaginifolia linifolia) Wherever found RT
  • Q0A5|Savory, San Miguel - (Clinopodium chandleri) Wherever found RT
  • I014|Skipper, wandering - (Panoquina errans) Wherever found SC
  • B088|Sparrow, Belding's savannah - (Passerculus sandwichensis beldingi) Wherever found SC
  • B07H|Sparrow, large-billed savannah - (Passerculus sandwichensis rostratus) Wherever found SC
  • B09E|Sparrow, Southern California rufous-crowned - (Aimophila ruficeps canescens) Wherever found SC
  • B08T|Tern, elegant - (Sterna elegans) Wherever found SC
  • Q2WI|Tetracoccus, Parry's - (Tetracoccus dioicus) Wherever found SC
  • C04V|Turtle, southwestern pond - (Actinemys marmorata pallida) Wherever found SC
  • Q0TP|Wallflower, coast - (Erysimum ammophilum) Wherever found SC
  • C04C|Whiptail, orange-throated - (Cnemidophorus hyperythrus) Wherever found SC
  • B08Y|Wren, San Diego cactus - (Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus couesi) Wherever found RT
Habitat sage scrubs, chaparrals, wetlands
  • California
Size (Total Area Covered, by State)
  • 206124 acres (California)
The City of San Diego Subarea Plan comprises 206,124 acres out of the 582,243-acre regional MSCP planning area(including military lands).
Enrolled Size (Total Area Enrolled, by State)
  • Data not available
    • The City of San Diego Subarea Plan comprises 206,124 acres out of the 582,243-acre regional MSCP planning area(including military lands).

Other Information

Applicant Type 1 local jurisdiction
Land Use business/commercial construction
recreational activities
water activities
residential construction
Duration 50 years, 0 months
Plan/Agreement Documents
Federal Register Documents No info