Data Definitions

Fieldstone/La Costa & City of Carlsbad

Habitat Conservation Plan

USFWS Region(s) 8
USFWS Field Office(s) Carlsbad Fish And Wildlife Office
Permits PRT-795759 , TE818041-0
Status I
On 8/29/1996 Real Estate Collateral assumed the responsibilities of Fieldstone/La Costa under the HCP. Fieldstone/La Costa relinquished its permit and we issued a replacement permit to Real Estate Collateral.
NEPA Process environmental assessment
Involved Agency USFWS

Date Information

Date Noticed in Federal Register No info
Date Permit Issued 06/07/1995
Date Application Withdrawn
Date Permit Expired ---
Date Permit Denied ---
Date Permit Suspended ---
Date Permit Revoked ---

Area Description Information

Location Carlsbad, CA
Listed Species
Non-Listed Species
  • Q0UK|Barrel cactus, coast - (Ferocactus viridescens) Wherever found SC
  • A0AG|Bat, Pacific Townsend's big-eared - (Plecotus townsendii townsendii) Wherever found SC
  • B06P|Blackbird, tricolored - (Agelaius tricolor) Wherever found RT
  • C058|Boa, coastal rosy - (Charina trivirgata roseofusca) Wherever found SC
  • Q09I|Brodiaea, Orcutt's - (Brodiaea orcuttii) Wherever found SC
  • I05C|Butterfly, Hermes copper - (Lycaena hermes) Wherever found C
  • Q30P|Ceanothus, wart-stemmed - (Ceanothus verrucosus) Wherever found SC
  • Q0MJ|Dichondra, western - (Dichondra occidentalis) Wherever found RT
  • Q3CU|Dudleya, short-leaved - (Dudleya blochmaniae blochmaniae) Wherever found SC
  • S004|Fern, Canyon lip - (Cheilanthes arizonica californicum) Wherever found RT
  • C05A|Gecko, San Diego banded - (Coleonyx variegatus abbotti) Wherever found SC
  • Q18V|Goldenstar, San Diego - (Muilla clevelandii) Wherever found SC
  • Q3DF|Grapplinghook, Palmer's - (Harpagonella palmeri palmeri) Wherever found SC
  • Q2P8|Hazardia, Orcutt's - (Hazardia orcuttii) Wherever found RT
  • A0G7|Jackrabbit, San Diego black-tailed - (Lepus californicus bennettii) Wherever found SC
  • B097|Lark, California horned - (Eremophila alpestris actia) Wherever found RT
  • Q0OJ|Liveforever, sticky-leaved - (Dudleya viscida) Wherever found RT
  • C05W|Lizard, San Diego horned - (Phrynosoma coronatum blainvillii) Wherever found SC
  • C05Z|Lizard, silvery legless - (Anniella pulchra pulchra) Wherever found SC
  • Q34F|Marsh elder, San Diego - (Iva hayesiana) Wherever found SC
  • A0BD|Mastiff-bat, greater western - (Eumops perotis californicus) Wherever found SC
  • ZZ26|Mouse, Dulzura California pocket - (Chaetodipus californicus femoralis)
  • ZZ28|Mouse, northwestern San Diego pocket - (Chaetodipus fallax fallax)
  • ZZ27|Mouse, pallid San Diego pocket - (Chaetodipus californicus pallidus)
  • A0GE|Mouse, southern grasshopper - (Onychomys torridus ramona) Wherever found SC
  • Q3FF|Oak, Nuttall's scrub - (Quercus dumosa) Wherever found SC
  • B0AR|Owl, western burrowing - (Athene cunicularia ssp. hypugaea) Wherever found SC
  • C05C|Rattlesnake, northern red diamond - (Crotalus ruber ruber) Wherever found SC
  • ZZ55|Rush, southwestern spiny - (Juncus acutus ssp. leopoldii)
  • Q3AC|Sand aster, Del Mar - (Corethrogyne filaginifolia linifolia) Wherever found RT
  • C05D|Skink, Coronado - (Eumeces skiltonianus interparietalis) Wherever found SC
  • I0LV|Skipper, dun - (Euphyes vestris harbisoni) Wherever found RT
  • C05F|Snake, coast patch-nosed - (Salvadora hexalepis virgultea) Wherever found SC
  • C05I|Snake, San Diego ringneck - (Diadophis punctatus similis) Wherever found SC
  • C05K|Snake, two-striped garter - (Thamnophis hammondii) Wherever found SC
  • D02Z|Spadefoot, western - (Spea hammondii) Wherever found UR
  • B09C|Sparrow, Bell's sage - (Amphispiza belli belli) Wherever found SC
  • B09E|Sparrow, Southern California rufous-crowned - (Aimophila ruficeps canescens) Wherever found SC
  • Q31A|Summer-holly - (Comarostaphylis diversifolia diversifolia) Wherever found SC
  • C04V|Turtle, southwestern pond - (Actinemys marmorata pallida) Wherever found SC
  • C05O|Whiptail, coastal western - (Cnemidophorus tigris multiscutatus) Wherever found SC
  • C04C|Whiptail, orange-throated - (Cnemidophorus hyperythrus) Wherever found SC
  • A0GN|Woodrat, San Diego desert - (Neotoma lepida intermedia) Wherever found SC
  • B08Y|Wren, San Diego cactus - (Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus couesi) Wherever found RT
Habitat coastal sage scrub, southern maritime chaparral, southern mixed chaparral, non-native grassland, native grassland, riparian scrub and woodland, disturbed habitat, and eucalyptus woodland
  • California
Size (Total Area Covered, by State)
  • 1955 acres (California)
Enrolled Size (Total Area Enrolled, by State)
  • Data not available

Other Information

Applicant Type 1 local jurisdiction
Land Use residential construction
Duration 30 years, 0 months
Plan/Agreement Documents
Federal Register Documents No info