Data Definitions

Cal. Dept. of Corrections Statewide Electrified Fence Project

Habitat Conservation Plan

USFWS Region(s) 8
USFWS Field Office(s) Sacramento Fish And Wildlife Office
Permits TE 058060-0
Status I
NEPA Process environmental assessment
Involved Agency USFWS

Date Information

Date Noticed in Federal Register No info
Date Permit Issued 06/12/2002
Date Application Withdrawn
Date Permit Expired ---
Date Permit Denied ---
Date Permit Suspended ---
Date Permit Revoked ---

Area Description Information

Location 26 sites throughout California
Listed Species
Non-Listed Species
  • B0ET|chat, Yellow-breasted - (icteria virens) Wherever found SC
  • B06S|Curlew, long-billed - (Numenius americanus) Wherever found RT
  • B008|Eagle, bald - (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) lower 48 States DM
  • B0DV|eagle, Golden - (Aquila chrysaetos) Wherever found SC
  • B0FU|Falcon, Peregrine - (Falco peregrinus) Wherever found SC
  • B0ER|Falcon, Prairie - (Falco mexicanus) Wherever found SC
  • B00B|Goose, Aleutian Canada - (Branta canadensis leucopareia) Wherever found DM
  • B095|Goshawk, northern - (Accipiter gentilis) Wherever found RT
  • B0EM|harrier, Northern - (circus cyaneus) Wherever found SC
  • B0DT|hawk, Cooper's - (Accipiter cooperii) Wherever found SC
  • B06X|Hawk, ferruginous - (Buteo regalis) Wherever found RT
  • B0G3|Hawk, Sharp shinned - (Accipiter striatus) Wherever found SC
  • B070|Hawk, Swainson's - (Buteo swainsoni) Wherever found RT
  • A0G7|Jackrabbit, San Diego black-tailed - (Lepus californicus bennettii) Wherever found SC
  • A0B5|Kangaroo rat, short-nosed - (Dipodomys nitratoides brevinasus) Wherever found SC
  • B0FT|Kite, White-tailed - (Elanus leucurus) Wherever found SC
  • C05W|Lizard, San Diego horned - (Phrynosoma coronatum blainvillii) Wherever found SC
  • B0EJ|martin, Purple - (progne subis) Wherever found SC
  • B0EQ|Merlin - (falco columbarius) Wherever found SC
  • A0GB|Mouse, Northwestern San Diego pocket - (Perognathus fallax fallax) Wherever found SC
  • A0H2|Mouse, San Joaquin pocket - (Perognathus inornatus) Wherever found SC
  • A0GE|Mouse, southern grasshopper - (Onychomys torridus ramona) Wherever found SC
  • A0H3|Mouse, Tulare grasshopper - (Onychomys torridus tularensis) Wherever found SC
  • B0EU|Night-Heron, Black-crowned - (Nycticorax nycticorax) Wherever found SC
  • X397|NO COMMON NAME - (Pandion haliaetus)
  • X435|Owl, Long-eared - (Asio otus)
  • B0AR|Owl, western burrowing - (Athene cunicularia ssp. hypugaea) Wherever found SC
  • X524|Pelican, Brown - ( Pelecanus occidentalis)
  • C05C|Rattlesnake, northern red diamond - (Crotalus ruber ruber) Wherever found SC
  • B0FY|Shrike, Loggerhead - (Lanius ludovicianus) Wherever found SC
  • B09C|Sparrow, Bell's sage - (Amphispiza belli belli) Wherever found SC
  • B09E|Sparrow, Southern California rufous-crowned - (Aimophila ruficeps canescens) Wherever found SC
  • A0EJ|Squirrel, Mohave ground - (Spermophilus mohavensis) Wherever found RT
  • A09P|Squirrel, Nelson's antelope ground - (Ammospermophilus nelsoni) Wherever found SC
  • B0EN|warbler, Yellow - (dendroica petechia ssp. brewsteri) Wherever found SC
  • C04C|Whiptail, orange-throated - (Cnemidophorus hyperythrus) Wherever found SC
  • A0GN|Woodrat, San Diego desert - (Neotoma lepida intermedia) Wherever found SC
  • California
Size (Total Area Covered, by State)
  • 2937 acres (California)
Enrolled Size (Total Area Enrolled, by State)
  • Data not available

Other Information

Applicant Type state agency
Land Use other
Duration 50 years, 0 months
Plan/Agreement Documents
Federal Register Documents No info