Data Definitions

Clark County Multiple Species HCP (7 permittees)

Habitat Conservation Plan

USFWS Region(s) 8
USFWS Field Office(s) Southern Nevada Field Office
Permits TE034927-0
Status I
NEPA Process environmental impact statement
Involved Agency USFWS

Date Information

Date Noticed in Federal Register No info
Date Permit Issued 01/09/2001
Date Application Withdrawn
Date Permit Expired ---
Date Permit Denied ---
Date Permit Suspended ---
Date Permit Revoked ---

Area Description Information

Location Clark County, Nevada and NV Dept. of Transportation ROWs in portions of Clark, Nye, Lincoln, Mineral, and Esmeralda counties, Nevada
Listed Species
Non-Listed Species
  • I0MN|Admiral, Nevada - (Limenitus weidemeyerii nevadae) Wherever found SC
  • Q3JH|aster, Red Rock Canyon - (ionactis caelestis) Wherever found SC
  • Q1DM|Beardtongue, [unnamed] - (Penstemon leiophyllus) Wherever found RT
  • Q258|bearpoppy, Las Vegas - (Arctomecon californica) Wherever found SC
  • Q13B|Bladder-pod, [unnamed] - (Lesquerella hitchcockii) Wherever found RT
  • Q0R0|Buckwheat, forked - (Eriogonum bifurcatum) Wherever found SC
  • Q0TC|Buckwheat, [unnamed] - (Eriogonum viscidulum) Wherever found SC
  • ZZ188|Butterfly, Dark blue - (Euphilotes enoptes purpurea)
  • I0N5|Butterfly, Spring Mountains acastus checkerspot - (Chlosyne acastus robusta) Wherever found RT
  • I0U7|butterfly, Spring Mountains comma skipper - (hesperia comma ssp. mojavensis) Wherever found SC
  • ZZ190|Butterfly, Spring Mountains icarioides blue - (Icaricia icarioides austinorum)
  • I0KS|Checkerspot, Morand's - (Euphydryas anicia morandi) Wherever found SC
  • A0AM|Chipmunk, Palmer's - (Tamias palmeri) Wherever found SC
  • Q1AW|Cholla, Blue Diamond - (Opuntia X multigeniculata) Wherever found RT
  • Q035|Desert-poppy, white bear - (Arctomecon merriamii) Wherever found SC
  • Q06U|Egg-vetch, Clokey's - (Astragalus oophorus clokeyanus) Wherever found RT
  • B01H|Falcon, American peregrine - (Falco peregrinus anatum) Wherever found DM
  • B0E8|flycatcher, Vermillion - (pyrocephalus rubinus) Wherever found SC
  • Q0WF|Forsellesia, smooth pungent - (Glossopetalon pungens glabra) Wherever found SC
  • D00E|Frog, relict leopard - (Lithobates onca) Wherever found RT
  • C05A|Gecko, San Diego banded - (Coleonyx variegatus abbotti) Wherever found SC
  • Q3JF|greasebush, Clokey - (glossopetalon clokeyi) Wherever found SC
  • ZZ199|Greasebush, Pungent dwarf - (Glossopetalon pungens var. pungens)
  • C06M|iguana, Desert - (dipsosaurus dorsalis) Wherever found SC
  • Q1S3|Kittentails, [unnamed] - (Synthyris ranunculina) Wherever found RT
  • ZZ174|Lizard, Great basin collared - (Crotaphytus insularis bicintores)
  • C06O|lizard, Large-spotted leopard - (gambelia wislizenii ssp. wislizenii) Wherever found SC
  • Q0AM|Mariposa lily, alkali - (Calochortus striatus) Wherever found SC
  • Q2RZ|Milk-vetch, Spring Mountain - (Astragalus remotus) Wherever found SC
  • Q05Y|Milkvetch, threecorner - (Astragalus geyeri triquetrus) Wherever found SC
  • Q052|Milk-vetch, [unnamed] - (Astragalus aequalis) Wherever found SC
  • U009|moss, Dicranoweisia - (dicranoweisia crispula) Wherever found SC
  • U007|moss, Menzies' anacolia - (anacolia menziesii) Wherever found SC
  • U008|moss, Whipple's claopodium - (claopodium whippleanum) Wherever found SC
  • A0H6|Myotis, long-eared - (Myotis evotis) Wherever found SC
  • A0H9|Myotis, long-legged - (Myotis volans) Wherever found SC
  • Q34H|No common name - (Ivesia jaegeri) Wherever found SC
  • Q1OX|No common name - (Silene clokeyi) Wherever found SC
  • Q10F|No common name - (Ivesia cryptocaulis) Wherever found SC
  • Q1E2|No common name - (Penstemon thompsoniae jaegeri) Wherever found RT
  • ZZ205|NO COMMON NAME - (Syntrichia princeps)
  • Q0NS|No common name - (Draba paucifructa) Wherever found SC
  • Q0QH|No common name - (Erigeron ovinus) Wherever found SC
  • Q01Y|No common name - (Angelica scabrida) Wherever found SC
  • Q38P|No common name - (Salvia dorrii clokeyi) Wherever found SC
  • Q021|No common name - (Antennaria soliceps) Wherever found SC
  • ZZ171|NO COMMON NAME - (Crotalus cerastes)
  • Q2KL|No common name - (Townsendia jonesii tumulosa) Wherever found SC
  • Q3EY|No common name - (Pedicularis semibarbata charlestonensis) Wherever found SC
  • Q0NL|No common name - (Draba jaegeri) Wherever found SC
  • Q03W|No common name - (Arenaria kingii rosea) Wherever found SC
  • ZZ197|Paintbrush, Clokey - (Castilleja martinii var. clokeyi)
  • Q36T|Penstemon, white-margined - (Penstemon albomarginatus) Wherever found SC
  • Q2FK|Phacelia, Parish's - (Phacelia parishii) Wherever found SC
  • B0E6|phainopepla - (phainopepla nitens) Wherever found SC
  • C06L|rattlesnake, Mojave green - (crotalus scutulatus ssp. scutulatus) Wherever found SC
  • ZZ172|Rattlesnake, Speckled - (Crotalus mitchellii)
  • ZZ195|Ringstem, Sticky - (Anulocaulis leisolenus)
  • I0LT|Silverspot, Carole's - (Speyeria zerene carolae) Wherever found SC
  • C06N|skink, Western red-tailed - (eumeces gilberti ssp. rubricaudatus) Wherever found SC
  • C06P|snake, California king - (lampropeltis getula ssp. californiae) Wherever found SC
  • C06I|snake, Glossy - (arizona elegans) Wherever found SC
  • C06R|snake, Sonoran lyre - (trimorphodon biscutatus ssp. lambda) Wherever found SC
  • ZZ179|Snake, Western leaf-nosed - (Phyllorhynchus decurtatus)
  • C06Q|snake, Western long-nosed - (rhinocheilus lecontei ssp. lecontei) Wherever found SC
  • ZZ194|Springsnail, Southeast Nevada - (Pyrgulopsis turbatrix)
  • ZZ193|Springsnail, Spring Mountains - (Pyrgulopsis deaconi)
  • B0E7|tanager, Summer - (piranga rubra) Wherever found SC
  • Q1Q6|Tansy, [unnamed] - (Sphaeromeria compacta) Wherever found SC
  • Q0F8|Thistle, Clokey's - (Cirsium clokeyi) Wherever found RT
  • Q2M5|Violet, limestone - (Viola purpurea charlestonensis) Wherever found RT
  • B066|Vireo, Arizona Bell's - (Vireo bellii arizonae) Wherever found RT
Habitat Mojave desert scrub, salt desert scrub, sagebrush, mesquite/catclaw, blackbrush, pinyon-juniper, mixed conifer, bristlecone pine, alpine, desert riparian/aquatic, springs, and other vegetation types
  • Nevada
Size (Total Area Covered, by State)
  • 5000000 acres (Nevada)
Approximately 5 million acres (including private, state, and federal lands). Plannng area overlaps with that of the Clark County Desert Tortoise long-term HCP (which is superceded by the Multiple Species HCP).
Enrolled Size (Total Area Enrolled, by State)
  • Data not available
    • Approximately 5 million acres (including private, state, and federal lands). Plannng area overlaps with that of the Clark County Desert Tortoise long-term HCP (which is superceded by the Multiple Species HCP).

Other Information

Applicant Type 2 or more local jurisdictions
state agency
Land Use utility/infrastructure
business/commercial construction
recreational activities
residential construction
Duration 30 years, 0 months
Plan/Agreement Documents
Federal Register Documents No info