US Counties within Virginia in which the Roanoke logperch, Wherever found is known to or is believed to occur:

State County
Virginia Bedford
Virginia Bedford (city)
Virginia Botetourt
Virginia Brunswick
Virginia Campbell
Virginia Carroll
Virginia Craig
Virginia Danville
Virginia Dinwiddie
Virginia Emporia
Virginia Floyd
Virginia Franklin
Virginia Franklin (city)
Virginia Greensville
Virginia Henry
Virginia Lunenburg
Virginia Lynchburg
Virginia Martinsville
Virginia Montgomery
Virginia Nottoway
Virginia Patrick
Virginia Petersburg
Virginia Pittsylvania
Virginia Prince Edward
Virginia Prince George
Virginia Roanoke
Virginia Roanoke (city)
Virginia Salem
Virginia Southampton
Virginia Sussex

This report contains Counties in which this species is known to or is believed to occur. If you are looking for the Section 7 range (for Section 7 Consultations), please visit the IPaC application.