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Current Listing Status Summary
Status Date Listed Lead Region Where Listed
06/04/1973 Mountain-Prairie Region (Region 6) Wherever found

» Federal Register Documents

Federal Register Documents

» Species Status Assessments (SSAs)

Species Status Assessments (SSAs)
Special Rule Publications
Date Citation Page Title
06/14/1991 56 FR 27438 27443 ETWP; Final Rule to Amend Special Rule Allowing Regulated Taking of the Cynomys parvidens (Utah Prairie Dog); 56 FR 27438 27443
04/26/2012 77 FR 24915 24924 Revising the Proposed Special Rule for the Utah Prairie Dog: Supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking; reopening of public comment period and notice of document availability
06/02/2011 76 FR 31906 31920 Proposed Rule to Revise the Special Rule for the Utah Prairie Dog
02/21/1990 55 FR 6022 6024 ETWP; Proposal to Amend Special Rule Allowing Regulated Taking of the Utah Prairie Dog; 55 FR 6022 6024
05/29/1984 49 FR 22330 22334 Final Rule to Reclassify Utah Prairie Dog as Thr., w/ Special Rule to Allow Regulated Taking; 49 FR 22330-22334
08/02/2012 77 FR 46158 46183 Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Revising the Special Rule for the Utah Prairie Dog; Final Rule

» Recovery

Current Recovery Plan(s)
Date Title Plan Action Status Plan Status
03/01/2012 Utah Prairie Dog (Cynomys parvidens) Revised Recovery Plan View Implementation Progress Final Revision 1
Other Recovery Documents
Date Citation Page Title Document Type
04/26/2012 77 FR 24975 Revised Recovery Plan for the Utah Prairie Dog; Notice of document availability
  • Recovery Plan Final, Document Availability
08/10/2018 83 FR 39771 39773 Initiation of 5-Year Status Reviews of 11 Species in the Mountain-Prairie Region; request for information
  • Five Year Review Notice, Information Solicitation
09/17/2010 75 FR 57055 57056 Draft Revised Recovery Plan for Utah Prairie Dog
  • Recovery Plan Draft, Document Availability
02/21/2007 72 FR 7843 7852 90-Day Finding on a Petition To Reclassify the Utah Prairie Dog From Threatened to Endangered and Initiation of a 5-Year Review
  • Five Year Review Notice, Information Solicitation
  • Uplisting 90 day petition finding, Not Substantial
Five Year Review
Date Title
04/20/2012 Utah prairie dog (Cynomys parvidens) 5-Year Review: Summary and Evaluation

» Critical Habitat

No critical habitat rules have been published for the Utah prairie dog.

» Conservation Plans

Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP) (learn more)
HCP Plan Summaries
Cedar City Corporation Golf Course
Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
Coleman Company
Connel Gower
Garfield County Low Effect HCP
Iron County
Iron County Low Effect HCP
Noriega, Jose, Sam Zittering, Phillip Finch
Range-Wide General Conservation Plan for the Utah Prairie Dog in Residential and Commercial Development Areas
Smead Manufacturing Company
West Hills L.L.C.
Safe Harbor Agreements (SHA): (learn more)
SHA Plan Summaries
Henrie Safe Harbor
Pace Safe Harbor
Utah Prairie Dog Programmatic Safe Harbor

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