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Listing Status:   

Current Listing Status Summary
Status Date Listed Lead Region Where Listed
03/11/1967 Great Lakes-Big Rivers Region (Region 3) U.S.A., conterminous (lower 48) States. Additional species information

» Federal Register Documents

Federal Register Documents

» Species Status Assessments (SSAs)

Species Status Assessments (SSAs)
Special Rule Publications
Date Citation Page Title
06/05/2007 72 FR 31141 31155 Authorizations Under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act for Take of Eagles; Proposed rule.
02/14/1978 43 FR 6230 6233 Determination of Certain Bald Eagle Populations as Endangered or Threatened

» Recovery

Current Recovery Plan(s)
Date Title Plan Action Status Plan Status
09/27/1990 Chesapeake Bay Bald Eagle Recovery Plan View Implementation Progress Final Revision 1
07/29/1983 Northern States Bald Eagle Recovery Plan View Implementation Progress Final
08/25/1986 Recovery Plan for the Pacific Bald Eagle View Implementation Progress Final
09/08/1982 Southwestern Bald Eagle Recovery Plan View Implementation Progress Final
04/19/1989 Southeastern States Bald Eagle Recovery Plan View Implementation Progress Final Revision 1
Other Recovery Documents
Date Citation Page Title Document Type
06/04/2010 75 FR 31811 Post-Delisting Monitoring Plan for Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
  • Post Delisting Monitoring Plan Final, Document Availability
01/21/1987 52 FR 2239 2242 Findings on Petitions & Initiation of Status Reviews; 52 FR 2239-2242
  • Delisting 90 day petition finding, Not Substantial
07/06/1999 64 FR 36454 36464 ETWP; Proposed Rule to Remove the Bald Eagle in the Lower 48 States From the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife
  • Delisting Proposed
07/09/2007 72 FR 37346 37372 Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Removing the Bald Eagle in the Lower 48 States From the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife
  • Delisting Final
07/09/2007 72 FR 37373 37374 Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Draft Post-Delisting Monitoring Plan for the Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) and Proposed Information Collection
  • Post Delisting Monitoring Plan Final, Document Availability
09/02/2011 76 FR 54711 54713 Bald Eagles Nesting in Sonoran Desert Area of Central Arizona Removed From the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife: Final rule.
  • Delisting Final
Delisting Documents
Date Title
05/11/2010 Bald Eagle Final Post Delisting Monitoring Plan

» Critical Habitat

No critical habitat rules have been published for the Bald eagle.

» Conservation Plans

Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP) (learn more)
HCP Plan Summaries
0000-Amendment #1 46-Subdivisions (42 medium quality subdivisions)
0000-Amendment #1 46-Subdivisions (4 low quality subdivisions)
0001-Aiello, James
0012-King, Wesley, D.
0021-Capstone Builders #1 (Wallman, Pam)
0022-Capstone Builders #2 (Wallman, Pam)
0023-Bastrop County WCID District #2
0024-Taylor, Don E.
0027-Creamer, John
0028-King, Angela
0029-Attra, Jim
0030-Alley, Jason (#2)
0031-McNulty, James
0032-Paradise Land & Cattle Company #1(McKethan, C.W.)
0035-Ingram, Craig (#2)
0036-Orta, Angelita L.
0037-Alley, Jason (#4)
0038-Alley, Jason (#5)
0039-Alley, Jason (#3)
0041-Barnes, Kevin & Julie
0043-Godwin, William Bradford
0045 Advantage Builders #1
0047-Vickers, George T.
0048-Goodwin, Newby
0050-Paradise Land and Cattle #5 (McKethan, C.W.)
0051-Paradise Land and Cattle #6 (McKethan, C.W.)
0052-Paradise Land and Cattle #7 (McKethan, C.W.)
0053-White, Eric
0054-Lange, Coralie
0076 Cornerstone Const # 4 (Ronnie White)
0081-Bowman Builders #1
0082-Bowman Builders #2
0092-Smith, Tamera M.
0099-Steiwig, Gary & Cheryl
0100-Holberg, Jeff
0101-Matl, John A. & Donna
0104-Cornerstone Construction #5
0105-Fuller, Stephen
0106-Tyre, John & Paula
0107-Samaro, Joe R.
0108-Whited, Henry, Sr.
0109-Myers, Carl
0112-Fernandez, Richardo S. & Lydia C.
0113-Garcia, Miguel
0114-Serna, Pedro, Jr.
0115-Abell, Johnny J.
0116-Gonzales, Ramon O.
0120-Briscoe, Robert, L.
0123-Vogel, Douglas N.
0125-Whitfield, Steve
0126-Erickson, John
0127-Paradise Land & Cattle Company #2 (McKethan, C.W.)
0129-Arcy, Thomas H. & Karen S.
0130-Scheuermann, Carl Frank
0132-McClure, Thomas & Marcia
0133-Scheuermann, Shelly
0134-Morriss, Steven
0135-Gilpin, Scott H.
0136-Johnson, Jeff (#3)
0137-Milliken, Mark A.
0138-Hyatt, Richard A. & Bonnie
0139-Millenium Custom Homes #2 (Russelll Alderman)
0140-Jones, Jerry M.
0141-Edwards, Freddie
0143-Jenkins, Billy Joe
0144-Burgan, Brenda
0145-Daggett, Sherry
0146-Tapia, Martin
0147-Odom, Mark
0148-Voicestream Wireless (Jennifer Morgan)
0149-JRS Builders #3 (Joel Summerfield)
0150-JRS Builders #4 (Joel Summerfield)
0151-JRS Builders #5 (Joel Summerfield)
0152-JRS Builders #6 (Joel Summerfield)
0154-Paradise Land & Cattle Company #3 (McKethan, C.W.)
0158-Travis, Cher D.
0159-Parker, Robbie J.
0160-Maldonado, Alonzo
0161-McClure, Thomas & Marcia #8
0162-Yoch, Timothy
0163-Nichols, Jennifer
0164-Dyer, James Alan
0165 - Parks, Nicole & John
0166-Weinstein, Lisa
0167-May, Kimberly
0170-Vinklarek, Bruce
0171-Paradise Land and Cattle #4 (McKethan, C.W.)
0172 - Spiett, Ernest Geoffery
0173 - Portice, William
0174 - Pardue, Susan
0175 - Oliver, Jed
0176-Eades, Thomas F.
0178 - Woods, Roxann Lee
0184-Garza, Mauricio
0185-Gonzalez, Orlando
0186-Fritz, Randy (Handmade Homes)
46-Subdivisions in Bastrop County, Texas (42 medium quality subdivisions)
46-Subdivisions in Bastrop County, Texas (4 low quality subdivisions)
49-Bastrop County WCID #2
Ashley Reserve
Cal. Dept. of Corrections Statewide Electrified Fence Project
Cedar River Watershed HCP
City of Tacoma, Tacoma Water HCP
Crescent Resources, LLC
Elliott State Forest, Termination
Gross, Nick (Snow Construction, Inc.)
Gross, Nick (Snow Construction, Inc.) Amendment 1
Gunston Manor Subdivision
Humboldt Redwood Company (formerly Pacific Lumber, Headwaters)
Kern Water Bank
Lake Mathews
Lower Colorado River Authority (Goss, Randy)
MSCP, City of Chula Vista Subarea Plan
MSCP, City of La Mesa Subarea Plan
MSCP, City of Poway Subarea Plan
MSCP, County of San Diego Subarea Plan
PG&E San Joaquin Valley Operations & Maintenance HCP
Pinsto, Inc., Lake Wylie
Pinsto, Inc, Lake Wylie, Permit Extension
Port Blakely RB Eddy Tree Farm
Regli Estates
Salt River Project Horseshoe and Bartlett HCP
Salt River Project Roosevelt Lake Habitat Conservation Plan
San Diego Gas & Electric
Simpson Timber NW Operations (Green Diamond Resource Company)
The Woodlands Amendment #1
The Woodlands Amendment # 2
The Woodlands Land Development Co., L.P.
Western Riverside MSHCP (One permit w/ 22 permittees)
West Fork Timber HCP (formerly Murray Pacific)
Whiskey Creek HCP
Safe Harbor Agreements (SHA): (learn more)
SHA Plan Summaries
City of Phoenix - Rio Salado SHA
City of Tempe - Rio Salado SHA
Paterson, Thomas W. and Caroline H. (Spur Ranch)
Pueblo of Santa Ana Amendment # 1
Pueblo of Santa Ana Safe Harbor Agreement
Tagshinny Tree Farm

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