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Current Listing Status Summary
Status Date Listed Lead Region Where Listed
11/03/2014 California/Nevada Region (Region 8) Western DPS: U.S.A. (AZ, CA, CO (western), ID, MT (western), NM (western), NV, OR, TX (western), UT, WA, WY (western)); Canada (British Columbia (southwestern); Mexico (Baja California, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Durango (western), Sinaloa, Sonora) Additional species information

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Federal Register Documents

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Species Status Assessments (SSAs)

» Recovery

Other Recovery Documents
Date Citation Page Title Document Type
06/18/2018 83 FR 28251 28254 Initiation of 5-Year Status Reviews of 50 Species in California, Nevada, and the Klamath Basin of Oregon
  • Five Year Review Notice, Information Solicitation
06/27/2018 83 FR 30091 30094 90-Day Findings for Three Species; Notice of petition findings and initiation of status reviews.
  • Delisting 90 day petition finding, Substantial

» Critical Habitat

Date Citation Page Title Document Type Status
08/15/2014 79 FR 48547 48652 Designation of Critical Habitat for the Western Distinct Population Segment of the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo Proposed Rule Proposed

To learn more about critical habitat please see http://ecos.fws.gov/crithab

» Conservation Plans

Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP) (learn more)
HCP Plan Summaries
Cal. Dept. of Corrections Statewide Electrified Fence Project
Clark County Multiple Species HCP (7 permittees)
Lower Colorado River MSCP
Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Plan (LCR MSCP)
Malpai Borderlands
Pima County Multi-Species Conservation Plan, under Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan
Salt River Project Horseshoe and Bartlett HCP
Salt River Project Roosevelt Lake Habitat Conservation Plan
San Joaquin County Multi-Species Habitat Conservation and Open Space Plan
San Luis Valley
Western Riverside MSHCP (One permit w/ 22 permittees)
Yolo Natural Heritage Program

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