Fiji petrel (Pseudobulweria macgillivrayi)

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General Information

Synonyms for the Fiji petrel include Pseudobulweria macgillivrayi and Thalassidroma macgillivrayi. Very little information is available on the Fiji petrel and its life history. There have only been 12 substantiated sightings of this species on land since 1965, and a total of 13 historically. These sightings have all been on Gau Island (BirdLife International 2000), a 52.55-square mile (136.1 km\2\) island in Fiji's Lomaiviti archipelago (Wikipedia 2007f). The population of this species is very small, estimated at less than 50 birds and is showing a decreasing population trend (BirdLife International 2007c). The IUCN classifies the Fiji petrel as ``Critically Endangered'' (BirdLife International 2006c).

  • Countries in which the the Fiji petrel, Wherever found is known to occur:  Fiji
Current Listing Status Summary
Status Date Listed Lead Region Where Listed
2009-09-14 Foreign (Headquarters) Wherever found

» Federal Register Documents

Federal Register Documents
Date Citation Page Title
2007-12-17 00:00:00.0 72 FR 71298 71315 Proposed Rule To List Six Foreign Bird Species Under the Endangered Species Act
2009-09-14 00:00:00.0 74 FR 46914 46930 Listing the Chatham Petrel,Fiji Petrel, and Magenta Petrel as Endangered Throughout Their Ranges
1991-12-16 00:00:00.0 56 FR 65207 65208 ETWP; Finding on Petition and Initiation of Status Review of 53 Foreign Birds; 56 FR 65207 65208

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No recovery information is available for the Fiji petrel.

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No critical habitat rules have been published for the Fiji petrel.

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No conservation plans have been created for Fiji petrel.

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No Life History information has been entered into this system for this species.

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