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Current Listing Status Summary
Status Date Listed Lead Region Where Listed
1970-10-13 Southwest Region (Region 2) Wherever found

» Federal Register Documents

Federal Register Documents
Date Citation Page Title
1978-01-31 00:00:00.0 43 FR 4022 4026 Final Determination of Critical Habitat for the Houston Toad
1970-10-13 00:00:00.0 35 FR 16047 16048 Appendix D - United States List of Endangered Native Fish and Wildlife; 35 FR 16047 16048
2018-05-31 00:00:00.0 83 FR 25034 25038 Initiation of 5-Year Status Reviews of 38 Species in the Southwest Region (Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas); Notice of initiation of reviews; request for information.
2002-12-16 00:00:00.0 67 FR 77074 77075 Notice of Availability of an Environmental Assessment/Habitat Conservation Plan and Receipt of Application for an Incidental Take Permit for Development and Operation of a High Adventure Boy Scout Camp on the 4,848-Acre Griffith League Ranch, Bastrop County, TX
1977-05-26 00:00:00.0 42 FR 27009 27011 Proposed Determination of Critical Habitat for Houston Toad; 42 FR 27009 27011 (Bufo houstonensis)
2001-01-17 00:00:00.0 66 FR 4035 Notice of Availability of an Environmental Assessment/Habitat Conservation Plan
2001-01-17 00:00:00.0 66 FR 4035 4036 Notice of Availability of an Environmental Assessment/Habitat Conservation Plan
2006-04-21 00:00:00.0 71 FR 20714 20716 5-Year Review of 25 Southwestern Species
1970-08-25 00:00:00.0 35 FR 13519 13520 Notice of Proposed Rule Making (Conservation of Endangered Species and Other Fish or Wildlife)

» Recovery

Current Recovery Plan(s)
Date Title Plan Action Status Plan Status
1984-09-17 Houston Toad Recovery Plan View Implementation Progress Final
Other Recovery Documents
Date Citation Page Title Document Type
2018-05-31 83 FR 25034 25038 Initiation of 5-Year Status Reviews of 38 Species in the Southwest Region (Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas); Notice of initiation of reviews; request for information.
  • Notice 5-year Review, Initiation
2006-04-21 71 FR 20714 20716 5-Year Review of 25 Southwestern Species
  • Notice 5-year Review, Initiation
Five Year Review
Date Title
2018-07-06 Houston Toad 5-Year Review
2011-11-28 Houston Toad 5-year Review

» Critical Habitat

Date Citation Page Title Document Type Status
1978-01-31 43 FR 4022 4026 Final Determination of Critical Habitat for the Houston Toad Final Rule Final designated
1977-05-26 42 FR 27009 27011 Proposed Determination of Critical Habitat for Houston Toad; 42 FR 27009 27011 (Bufo houstonensis) Proposed Rule Not Required

To learn more about critical habitat please see http://ecos.fws.gov/crithab

» Conservation Plans

Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP) (learn more)
HCP Plan Summaries
0000-Amendment #1 46-Subdivisions (42 medium quality subdivisions)
0000-Amendment #1 46-Subdivisions (4 low quality subdivisions)
0001-Aiello, James
0001-Ludwig, Patsy E. and Wheeler, Danny L.
0002-Stobaugh, Mike
0003-Bastrop Adventist Church
0003-Steines, Gerard J.
0004-Becerra, Cecilia
0004-Young, Jim & Nadine
0005-Seifert, Wayland
0006-Jarrels, Donald R.
0006-Mosley, Wayne
0007-Slater, Jerry
0008-Kelley, Lila
0008-Smith, Arlen W.
0009-MacLeod, Michael C. and Lynda A.
0009-Mendoza, Jimmy & Christina
0010-Hansen, Aaron Thomas
0010-Kummermehr, Craig
0011-Bath, Sam P. (Circle B Homes)
0011-Stobaugh, Mike
0012-King, Wesley, D.
0012-Ligon, Stephen M. and Denise
0013-City of Bastrop, Water & Wastewater Dept. (Fisher, Michael C.)
0014-McClure, Thomas D. and Marcia (1)
0014-Todd Phillips Homes, Inc.
0015-McClure, Thomas D. and Marcia (2)
0015-Todd Phillips Homes
0016-Live Oak Homes #1 (Joey W. Chioco)
0016-Rick Juarez Construction, Inc.
0017-Alley, Jason
0018-Ingram, Clay
0019-Wright, Evelyn
0020-Ellington, John W. & Grace
0021-Capstone Builders #1 (Wallman, Pam)
0021-MacQueen, John G.
0022-Capstone Builders #2 (Wallman, Pam)
0023-Bastrop County WCID District #2
0023-Lindenau, Ruel and Julie
0024-Smith, Larry E.
0024-Taylor, Don E.
0025-Pierson, Jason
0026-Groves, Horace and Catherine
0027-Creamer, John
0027-Johnson, Jeff (#2)
0028-King, Angela
0028-Vavricek, Joseph and Kerrie
0029-Attra, Jim
0029-Niehus, Scott and Ellen
0030-Alley, Jason (#2)
0030-Holter, Bruce T. and Tina R.
0031-McNulty, James
0031-Sinclair, Alice I.
0032-Gillespie, John W.
0032-Paradise Land & Cattle Company #1(McKethan, C.W.)
0033-Miller, Eugene M.
0034-Nira, Oswaldo V and Lupe Inez
0035-Gardner, Arlene
0035-Ingram, Craig (#2)
0036-Orta, Angelita L.
0036-Walters, Troy Claude
0037-Alley, Jason (#4)
0037-Parker, Kenneth G.
0038-Alley, Jason (#5)
0038-Havens, Doug & Christine
0039-Alley, Jason (#3)
0039-Macafee, William
0040-McClure, Thomas & Marcia (3)
0041-Barnes, Kevin & Julie
0041-Roush, Guy & Kerri
0042-Cornerstone Construction #3
0043-Godwin, William Bradford
0044-Colter, David M. & Amy M.
0045 Advantage Builders #1
0046-Advantage Builders (Thomas Caufman)
0047-Miller, Greg
0047-Vickers, George T.
0048-Goodwin, Newby
0048-McClure, Thomas & Marcia (4)
0049-Bishop, Marion R. & Tassa
0050-Casey, William
0050-Paradise Land and Cattle #5 (McKethan, C.W.)
0051-Paradise Land and Cattle #6 (McKethan, C.W.)
0052-Paradise Land and Cattle #7 (McKethan, C.W.)
0053-DuCharme, Christopher A.
0053-White, Eric
0054-Lange, Coralie
0054-Shen, Albert, Inc.
0055-Glenn, Bobby
0056-West, Darlene
0057-Hinkston, William E. & Bonnie J.
0058-Howard, Johnny
0059-Todd Phillips Homes, Inc. (1)
0060-Todd Phillips Homes, Inc. (2)
0061-Todd Phillips Homes, Inc (3)
0062-Goode, Glenn & Debbie
0063-Haefner, Neil J. & Rostetter, Robin E.
0064-Todd Phillips Homes, Inc, (4)
0071-Shigo, David G.
0073-Conrad, Marvin C. and Terry L.
0075-Brigham, James S.
0076 Cornerstone Const # 4 (Ronnie White)
0079-Brady, Betty
0080-Martinez, Reuben, A..
0081-Bowman Builders #1
0082-Bowman Builders #2
0090-Kailing, Patricia
0092-Smith, Tamera M.
0093-JRS Builders (1)
0094-JRS Builders (2)
0096-Greenwood, Ansel D. & Donna S.
0097-McClure, Thomas & Marcia #5
0098-McClure, Thomas & Marcia #6
0099-Steiwig, Gary & Cheryl
0100-Holberg, Jeff
0101-Matl, John A. & Donna
0104-Cornerstone Construction #5
0105-Fuller, Stephen
0106-Tyre, John & Paula
0107-Samaro, Joe R.
0108-Whited, Henry, Sr.
0109-Myers, Carl
0112-Fernandez, Richardo S. & Lydia C.
0113-Garcia, Miguel
0114-Serna, Pedro, Jr.
0115-Abell, Johnny J.
0116-Gonzales, Ramon O.
0120-Briscoe, Robert, L.
0123-Vogel, Douglas N.
0124-Patton , Robin L.
0125-Whitfield, Steve
0126-Erickson, John
0127-Paradise Land & Cattle Company #2 (McKethan, C.W.)
0129-Arcy, Thomas H. & Karen S.
0130-Scheuermann, Carl Frank
0132-McClure, Thomas & Marcia
0133-Scheuermann, Shelly
0134-Morriss, Steven
0135-Gilpin, Scott H.
0136-Johnson, Jeff (#3)
0137-Milliken, Mark A.
0138-Hyatt, Richard A. & Bonnie
0139-Millenium Custom Homes #2 (Russelll Alderman)
0140-Jones, Jerry M.
0141-Edwards, Freddie
0143-Jenkins, Billy Joe
0144-Burgan, Brenda
0145-Daggett, Sherry
0146-Tapia, Martin
0147-Odom, Mark
0148-Voicestream Wireless (Jennifer Morgan)
0149-JRS Builders #3 (Joel Summerfield)
0150-JRS Builders #4 (Joel Summerfield)
0151-JRS Builders #5 (Joel Summerfield)
0152-JRS Builders #6 (Joel Summerfield)
0154-Paradise Land & Cattle Company #3 (McKethan, C.W.)
0158-Travis, Cher D.
0159-Parker, Robbie J.
0160-Maldonado, Alonzo
0161-McClure, Thomas & Marcia #8
0162-Yoch, Timothy
0163-Nichols, Jennifer
0164-Dyer, James Alan
0165 - Parks, Nicole & John
0166-Weinstein, Lisa
0167-May, Kimberly
0170-Vinklarek, Bruce
0171-Paradise Land and Cattle #4 (McKethan, C.W.)
0172 - Spiett, Ernest Geoffery
0173 - Portice, William
0174 - Pardue, Susan
0175 - Oliver, Jed
0176-Eades, Thomas F.
0177-Murray, Stacy
0178 - Woods, Roxann Lee
0179-EFC Builders
0180-Kuhn, Anthony
0181-Highsmith, J.D.
0182-Whitworth, Jack
0184-Garza, Mauricio
0185-Gonzalez, Orlando
0186-Fritz, Randy (Handmade Homes)
0188-Ragsdale, Debra
0190-Wetzel, Sherry
0191-Jones, Reanna
0193-Hilburn, Marshall
0194-Drapela, Raymond
0195-Etherington, Greg
0196-Henkel, Richard
46-Subdivisions in Bastrop County, Texas (42 medium quality subdivisions)
46-Subdivisions in Bastrop County, Texas (4 low quality subdivisions)
49-Bastrop County WCID #2
Adams, James L.
Adams, Leslie and Windham, Sharon
Akin, R. Harry & Julia E.
Angulo, Roberto
Bartlett, Virginia C.
Bastrop County Regional Plan - Lost Pines Regional HCP
Bastrop County Utilities
Beathard, Gerry & Mary
Becker, Robert
Beeman, Katherine A. and Jerry
Bell, R. Scott and Linda L.
Berger, David and Carol
Beveridge, Cliff & Sheila
Boy Scouts of America - Griffith League Ranch
Broussard, Gordon and Mary
Bush, Anthony V.
Cantrell, William and Johnna
Clayton, James W. & Wanda Sue
Combs, Lee (Emerson Partners #1)
Combs, Lee (Emerson Partners #2)
Combs, Lee (Emerson Partners #3)
Cook Custom Homes/CHR Real Estate Venture
Cooper, Lyle and Leah
Cornerstone Construction #1 (Ronnie White)
Cornerstone Construction #2 (Ronnie White)
Decker, Douglas B., Jr. and Julie
Ehrler, Cory
Family Crisis Center
Gaines, Charles L. (1 lot bought from Ed & Sharon Laughlin)
Gilfillian, Robert
Gregory, Shelby
Hanks, Paula and Sims, Jason, R.
Harding, Michael & Judy
Hodges, Scott and Elizabeth
Holcomb, Will
Hunting and Mercantile (Tindall, Lewis)
Jacobson, Robert
Johnson, Jeff (ITP initially issued to Lopez, Lorie F.)
Laster, Michael & Pardue, Elizabeth
Laughlin, Ed L., & Sharon L.
Little, Timothy W.
Lower Colorado River Authority (Goss, Randy)
Manferd, Elliot and Rebecca
Miles, William and Phyllis
Mixon, G. Neil
Newmark / Lennar
Nicholson, Bruce and Myra
Nicholson, Don and Kate
Oncor HCP
Ott, Elizabeth
Pettit, Brandon and Letty
Pulis, Michael
Raz, Martin
Reams, Harold R.
Reid, Roger & Waneck, Marie
Reyna, Jesus
Rush, Jim (Green Builder, Inc.)
Russo, Joseph and Sylvia, II
Sac N Pac Stores, Inc.
Sanchez, Miguel
Sanchez - Renewed
Schena, Sherry
Schuelke, John E.
Skye, Catherine and Eckart, Kenneth
Smith, Tamera
Smoot, Ralph
SPS Builders (SPSSCT Inc.; Amy Hughes)
Stahl, Judson
Texas Kiln Products
Tilley, Ray Don
Vasquez, Arturo and Yolanda
Walraven, Marion Kelly
Walters, Dorathy
White, John
Williams, Michael and Pamela
Wirries, James and Bernice
Woodside Trails Wilderness Experience, Inc.
Safe Harbor Agreements (SHA): (learn more)
SHA Plan Summaries
Bob Long SHA - Houston Toad
Boy Scouts of Am - Capitol Area Council SHA
Gulf Coast Prairies (aka Sam Houston Resource Conservation)
Houston Toad Programmatic Safe Harbor Agreement
Small Family Ranch

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