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Population detail

The FWS is currently monitoring the following populations of the American Burying beetle 

Current Listing Status Summary
Status Date Listed Lead Region Where Listed
1989-07-13 Southwest Region (Region 2) Wherever found, except where listed as an experimental population
2011-07-22 Great Lakes-Big Rivers Region (Region 3) In southwestern Missouri, the counties of Cedar, St. Clair, Bates, and Vernon.

» Federal Register Documents

Federal Register Documents
Date Citation Page Title
2016-03-16 00:00:00.0 81 FR 14058 14072 90-Day Findings on 29 Petitions; Notice of petition findings and initiation of status reviews
1989-07-13 00:00:00.0 54 FR 29652 29655 ETWP; Determination of Endangered Status for American Burying Beetle; 54 FR 29652 29655
2011-07-22 00:00:00.0 76 FR 43973 43980 Proposed Establishment of a Nonessential Experimental Population of American Burying Beetle in Southwestern Missouri
2007-01-29 00:00:00.0 72 FR 4018 4019 Initiation of a 5-Year Review of Ten Listed Northeastern Species
2012-03-22 00:00:00.0 77 FR 16712 16718 Establishment of a Nonessential Experimental Population of American Burying Beetle in Southwestern Missouri: Final rule.
1988-10-11 00:00:00.0 53 FR 39617 39621 Proposed End. Status for American Burying Beetle; 53 FR 39617-39621
2013-02-01 00:00:00.0 78 FR 7445 7447 Notice of Intent To Prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for a General Conservation Plan for the American Burying Beetle for Pipelines and Well Field Development in Oklahoma and Texas.

» Recovery

Current Recovery Plan(s)
Date Title Plan Action Status Plan Status
1991-09-27 American Burying Beetle Recovery Plan View Implementation Progress Final
Other Recovery Documents
Date Citation Page Title Document Type
2007-01-29 72 FR 4018 4019 Initiation of a 5-Year Review of Ten Listed Northeastern Species
  • Notice 5-year Review, Initiation
Five Year Review
Date Title
2008-06-16 American Burying Beetle 5-Year Review

» Critical Habitat

No critical habitat rules have been published for the American Burying beetle.

» Conservation Plans

Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP) (learn more)
HCP Plan Summaries
Amended ICP - Antioch Operating LLC
Amended ICP - BP America
Amended ICP - Bravo Arkoma, LLC
Amended ICP - Calyx Energy III Holdings, LLC
Amended ICP - Canyon Creek
Amended ICP - Corterra Energy Operating, LLC
Amended ICP - Council Oak Resources, LLC
Amended ICP - Diamond Pipeline LLC
Amended ICP - Enable Midstream Partners, LP
Amended ICP - Kaiser-Francis Oil Company
Amended ICP - Marathon Pipe Line Company
Amended ICP - Marketlink LLC
Amended ICP - MarkWest
Amended ICP - MV Purchasing, LLC
Amended ICP - NGPL PipeCo LLC
Amended ICP - Paragon Geophysical Service, Inc
Amended ICP - Performance Petroleum Company
Amended ICP - Plains All American Pipeline
Amended ICP - Reach Energy Limited
Amended ICP - ScissorTail LLC
Amended ICP - Tall Oak Woodford, LLC
Amended ICP - Targa Pipeline Mid-Continent LLC
Amended ICP - Targa SouthOk NGL Pipeline LLC
Amended ICP - Tenaska, Inc
Amended ICP - TPL Arkoma, Inc
Amended ICP - TPL Arkoma Midstream, LLC
Amended ICP - White Star (FKA American Energy-Woodford, LLC)
Amended ICP - Wildhorse Terminal, LLC
Amended ICP - XTO Energy, Inc
Amended Oil and Gas Industry Conservation Plan for the American Burying Beetle in Oklahoma (ICP)
American Electric Power 3-State ABB Programmatic HCP
American Electric Power Talawanda to McAlester Project
ICP - American Energy - Woodford, LLC
ICP - BP America Production Company
ICP - Bravo Arkoma
ICP - Canyon Creek Energy Operation
ICP - Chaparral Energy, LLC
ICP - Chesapeake Energy Corp.
ICP - Enable Midstream Partners
ICP - Enbridge
ICP - Explorer Pipeline Co.
ICP - Grand Mesa Pipeline, LLC
ICP - LINN Operating
ICP - MarkWest
ICP - Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc.
ICP - Pantera Energy Company
ICP - PetroQuest
ICP - Phillips 66 Pipeline Co.
ICP - Quartz Mountain Oil & Gas, LLC
ICP - SandRidge Energy, Inc.
ICP - ScissorTail Energy
Oncor HCP
TransCanada Keystone Gulf Coast Project
Weyerhaeuser, American Burying Beetle
Weyerhaeuser, American Burying Beetle

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