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Inverted Common Name Scientific Name Where Listed Lead Region Listing Status
Bacora, marron Solanum conocarpum Wherever found 4 C
Butterfly, Hermes copper Lycaena hermes Wherever found 8 C
Butterfly, Puerto Rico harlequin Atlantea tulita Wherever found 4 C
Chipmunk, Penasco least Tamias minimus atristriatus Wherever found 2 C
Fatmucket, Texas Lampsilis bracteata Wherever found 2 C
Fawnsfoot, Texas Truncilla macrodon Wherever found 2 C
Fox, Sierra Nevada red Vulpes vulpes necator Sierra Nevada DPS 8 C
Milkvetch, Chapin Mesa Astragalus schmolliae Entire 6 C
Milkvetch, skiff Astragalus microcymbus Wherever found 6 C
Moth, rattlesnake-master borer Papaipema eryngii Wherever found 3 C
Orb, golden Quadrula aurea Wherever found 2 C
Pimpleback, smooth Cyclonaias houstonensis Wherever found 2 C
Pimpleback, Texas Quadrula petrina Wherever found 2 C
Pine, whitebark Pinus albicaulis Wherever found 6 C
Ramshorn, magnificent Planorbella magnifica Wherever found 4 C
Salamander, Berry Cave Gyrinophilus gulolineatus Wherever found 4 C
Smelt, longfin Spirinchus thaleichthys San Francisco Bay delta population 8 C
Snowfly, Arapahoe Arsapnia arapahoe Wherever found 6 C
Thistle, Wright's marsh Cirsium wrightii Wherever found 2 C
Tortoise, gopher Gopherus polyphemus eastern 4 C
Twistflower, bracted Streptanthus bracteatus Wherever found 2 C
vole, red tree Arborimus longicaudus North Oregon Coast population 1 C