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Inverted Common Name Scientific Name Where Listed Lead Region Listing Status
Butterfly, Island marble Euchloe ausonides insulanus Wherever found 1 PE
Crayfish, Panama City Procambarus econfinae Wherever found 4 PT
crayfish, Slenderclaw Cambarus cracens Wherever found 4 PT
dolphin, Taiwanese humpback Sousa chinensis taiwanensis Entire NMFS PE
Fisher Pekania pennanti West coast DPS 8 PT
Hellbender, Eastern Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis Missouri DPS 3 PE
Madtom, Carolina Noturus furiosus Wherever found 4 PE
Marten, Humboldt Martes caurina ssp. humboldtensis Wherever found 8 PT
Petrel, black-capped Pterodroma hasitata Wherever found 4 PT
Pigtoe, Atlantic Fusconaia masoni Wherever found 4 PT
rail, Eastern Black Laterallus jamaicensis ssp. jamaicensis Wherever found 4 PT
Sage-grouse, greater Centrocercus urophasianus Bi-State 8 PT
Stonefly, meltwater lednian Lednia tumana Wherever found 6 PT
Stonefly, western glacier Zapada glacier Wherever found 6 PT
Sturgeon, Yangtze Acipenser dabryanus Wherever found Foreign PE
Topminnow, barrens Fundulus julisia Wherever found 4 PE
Waterdog, Neuse River Necturus lewisi Wherever found 4 PT
Wolverine, North American Gulo gulo luscus Wherever found 6 PT