Listed species believed to or known to occur in California

  • As of 02/13/2015 the data in this report has been updated to use a different set of information. Results are based on where the species is believed to or known to occur. The FWS feels utilizing this data set is a better representation of species occurrence. Note: there may be other federally listed species that are not currently known or expected to occur in this state but are covered by the ESA wherever they are found; Thus if new surveys detected them in this state they are still covered by the ESA. The FWS is using the best information available on this date to generate this list.
  • This report shows listed species or populations believed to or known to occur in California
  • This list does not include experimental populations and similarity of appearance listings.
  • This list includes species or populations under the sole jurisdiction of the National Marine Fisheries Service.
  • Click on the highlighted scientific names below to view a Species Profile for each listing.

Listed species -- 287 listings

Animals -- 105 listings
Status Species/Listing Name
E Albatross, short-tailed Wherever found (Phoebastria (=Diomedea) albatrus)
E Beetle, Casey's June Wherever found (Dinacoma caseyi)
T Beetle, delta green ground Wherever found (Elaphrus viridis)
E Beetle, Mount Hermon June Wherever found (Polyphylla barbata)
T Beetle, valley elderberry longhorn Wherever found (Desmocerus californicus dimorphus)
E Bonytail Wherever found (Gila elegans)
T Butterfly, bay checkerspot Wherever found (Euphydryas editha bayensis)
E Butterfly, Behren's silverspot Wherever found (Speyeria zerene behrensii)
E Butterfly, callippe silverspot Wherever found (Speyeria callippe callippe)
E Butterfly, El Segundo blue Wherever found (Euphilotes battoides allyni)
E Butterfly, Lange's metalmark Wherever found (Apodemia mormo langei)
E Butterfly, lotis blue Wherever found (Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis)
E Butterfly, mission blue Wherever found (Icaricia icarioides missionensis)
E Butterfly, Myrtle's silverspot Wherever found (Speyeria zerene myrtleae)
T Butterfly, Oregon silverspot Wherever found (Speyeria zerene hippolyta)
E Butterfly, Palos Verdes blue Wherever found (Glaucopsyche lygdamus palosverdesensis)
E Butterfly, Quino checkerspot Wherever found (Euphydryas editha quino (=E. e. wrighti))
E Butterfly, San Bruno elfin Wherever found (Callophrys mossii bayensis)
E Butterfly, Smith's blue Wherever found (Euphilotes enoptes smithi)
E Chub, Owens Tui Wherever found (Gila bicolor ssp. snyderi)
E Condor, California U.S.A. only, except where listed as an experimental population (Gymnogyps californianus)
E Crayfish, Shasta Wherever found (Pacifastacus fortis)
T Cuckoo, yellow-billed Western U.S. DPS (Coccyzus americanus)
E Cui-ui Wherever found (Chasmistes cujus)
E Fairy shrimp, Conservancy Wherever found (Branchinecta conservatio)
E Fairy shrimp, longhorn Wherever found (Branchinecta longiantenna)
E Fairy shrimp, Riverside Wherever found (Streptocephalus woottoni)
E Fairy shrimp, San Diego Wherever found (Branchinecta sandiegonensis)
T Fairy shrimp, vernal pool Wherever found (Branchinecta lynchi)
E Flycatcher, southwestern willow Wherever found (Empidonax traillii extimus)
E Fly, Delhi Sands flower-loving Wherever found (Rhaphiomidas terminatus abdominalis)
E Fox, San Joaquin kit wherever found (Vulpes macrotis mutica)
T Fox, Santa Catalina Island Wherever found (Urocyon littoralis catalinae)
T Frog, California red-legged Wherever found (Rana draytonii)
E Frog, mountain yellow-legged Northern California DPS (Rana muscosa)
E Frog, mountain yellow-legged Southern California DPS (Rana muscosa)
T Frog, Oregon spotted Wherever found (Rana pretiosa)
E Frog, Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Wherever found (Rana sierrae)
T Gnatcatcher, coastal California Wherever found (Polioptila californica californica)
E Goby, tidewater Wherever found (Eucyclogobius newberryi)
E Grasshopper, Zayante band-winged Wherever found (Trimerotropis infantilis)
E Kangaroo rat, Fresno Wherever found (Dipodomys nitratoides exilis)
E Kangaroo rat, giant Wherever found (Dipodomys ingens)
E Kangaroo rat, Morro Bay Wherever found (Dipodomys heermanni morroensis)
E Kangaroo rat, San Bernardino Merriam's Wherever found (Dipodomys merriami parvus)
E Kangaroo rat, Stephens' Wherever found (Dipodomys stephensi (incl. D. cascus))
E Kangaroo rat, Tipton Wherever found (Dipodomys nitratoides nitratoides)
E Lizard, blunt-nosed leopard Wherever found (Gambelia silus)
T Lizard, Coachella Valley fringe-toed Wherever found (Uma inornata)
T Moth, Kern primrose sphinx Wherever found (Euproserpinus euterpe)
E Mountain beaver, Point Arena Wherever found (Aplodontia rufa nigra)
E Mouse, Pacific pocket Wherever found (Perognathus longimembris pacificus)
E Mouse, salt marsh harvest wherever found (Reithrodontomys raviventris)
T Murrelet, marbled U.S.A. (CA, OR, WA) (Brachyramphus marmoratus)
T Otter, southern sea Wherever found (Enhydra lutris nereis)
T Owl, northern spotted Wherever found (Strix occidentalis caurina)
E Pikeminnow (=squawfish), Colorado Wherever found, except where listed as an experimental population (Ptychocheilus lucius)
T Plover, western snowy Pacific Coast population DPS-U.S.A. (CA, OR, WA), Mexico (within 50 miles of Pacific coast) (Charadrius nivosus nivosus)
E Pupfish, desert Wherever found (Cyprinodon macularius)
E Pupfish, Owens Wherever found (Cyprinodon radiosus)
E Rabbit, riparian brush Wherever found (Sylvilagus bachmani riparius)
E Rail, California clapper Wherever found (Rallus longirostris obsoletus)
E Rail, light-footed clapper Wherever found (Rallus longirostris levipes)
E Rail, Yuma clapper Wherever found (Rallus longirostris yumanensis)
E Salamander, California tiger U.S.A. (CA - Santa Barbara County) (Ambystoma californiense)
E Salamander, California tiger U.S.A. (CA - Sonoma County) (Ambystoma californiense)
T Salamander, California tiger U.S.A. (Central CA DPS) (Ambystoma californiense)
E Salamander, desert slender Wherever found (Batrachoseps aridus)
E Salamander, Santa Cruz long-toed Wherever found (Ambystoma macrodactylum croceum)
E Sea turtle, leatherback Wherever found (Dermochelys coriacea)
T Sea turtle, olive ridley Wherever found, except when listed as endangered under 50 CFR 224.101 (Lepidochelys olivacea)
E Sheep, Peninsular bighorn Peninsular CA pop. (Ovis canadensis nelsoni)
E Sheep, Sierra Nevada bighorn Sierra Nevada (Ovis canadensis sierrae)
E Shrew, Buena Vista Lake ornate Wherever found (Sorex ornatus relictus)
E Shrike, San Clemente loggerhead Wherever found (Lanius ludovicianus mearnsi)
E Shrimp, California freshwater Wherever found (Syncaris pacifica)
E Skipper, Carson wandering Wherever found (Pseudocopaeodes eunus obscurus)
E Skipper, Laguna Mountains Wherever found (Pyrgus ruralis lagunae)
T Smelt, delta Wherever found (Hypomesus transpacificus)
E Snail, Morro shoulderband (=Banded dune) Wherever found (Helminthoglypta walkeriana)
T Snake, giant garter Wherever found (Thamnophis gigas)
E Snake, San Francisco garter Wherever found (Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia)
T Sparrow, San Clemente sage Wherever found (Amphispiza belli clementeae)
E Stickleback, unarmored threespine Wherever found (Gasterosteus aculeatus williamsoni)
E Sucker, Lost River Wherever found (Deltistes luxatus)
E Sucker, razorback Wherever found (Xyrauchen texanus)
T Sucker, Santa Ana 3 CA river basins (Catostomus santaanae)
E Sucker, shortnose Wherever found (Chasmistes brevirostris)
T Sucker, Warner Wherever found (Catostomus warnerensis)
E Tadpole shrimp, vernal pool Wherever found (Lepidurus packardi)
E Tern, California least Wherever found (Sterna antillarum browni)
E Tiger beetle, Ohlone Wherever found (Cicindela ohlone)
E Toad, arroyo (=arroyo southwestern) Wherever found (Anaxyrus californicus)
T toad, Yosemite Wherever found (Anaxyrus canorus)
T Tortoise, desert Wherever found, except AZ south and east of Colorado R., and Mexico (Gopherus agassizii)
T Towhee, Inyo California Wherever found (Pipilo crissalis eremophilus)
T Trout, Lahontan cutthroat Wherever found (Oncorhynchus clarkii henshawi)
T Trout, Little Kern golden Wherever found (Oncorhynchus aguabonita whitei)
T Trout, Paiute cutthroat Wherever found (Oncorhynchus clarkii seleniris)
E Tui chub, Mohave Wherever found (Gila bicolor ssp. mohavensis)
E Vireo, least Bell's Wherever found (Vireo bellii pusillus)
E Vole, Amargosa Wherever found (Microtus californicus scirpensis)
T Whipsnake (=striped racer), Alameda Wherever found (Masticophis lateralis euryxanthus)
E Wolf, gray U.S.A.: All of AL, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, IN, IL, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA, VT, WI, and WV; and portions of AZ, NM, OR, UT, and WA. Mexico. (Canis lupus)
E Woodrat, riparian (=San Joaquin Valley) Wherever found (Neotoma fuscipes riparia)
Plants -- 182 listings
Status Species/Listing Name
E Allocarya, Calistoga (Plagiobothrys strictus)
E Alopecurus, Sonoma (Alopecurus aequalis var. sonomensis)
E Ambrosia, San Diego (Ambrosia pumila)
T amole, purple (Chlorogalum purpureum)
T Baccharis, Encinitas (Baccharis vanessae)
E Barberry, island (Berberis pinnata ssp. insularis)
E Barberry, Nevin's (Berberis nevinii)
E Bedstraw, El Dorado (Galium californicum ssp. sierrae)
E Bedstraw, island (Galium buxifolium)
E Bird's beak, palmate-bracted (Cordylanthus palmatus)
E Bird's-beak, Pennell's (Cordylanthus tenuis ssp. capillaris)
E Bird's-beak, salt marsh (Cordylanthus maritimus ssp. maritimus)
E Bird's-beak, soft (Cordylanthus mollis ssp. mollis)
E Bladderpod, San Bernardino Mountains (Lesquerella kingii ssp. bernardina)
E Bluegrass, Napa (Poa napensis)
E Bluegrass, San Bernardino (Poa atropurpurea)
T Brodiaea, Chinese Camp (Brodiaea pallida)
T Brodiaea, thread-leaved (Brodiaea filifolia)
E Buckwheat, cushenbury (Eriogonum ovalifolium var. vineum)
E Buckwheat, Ione (incl. Irish Hill) (Eriogonum apricum (incl. var. prostratum))
E Bush-mallow, San Clemente Island (Malacothamnus clementinus)
E Bush-mallow, Santa Cruz Island (Malacothamnus fasciculatus var. nesioticus)
T Butterweed, Layne's (Senecio layneae)
E Button-celery, San Diego (Eryngium aristulatum var. parishii)
E Cactus, Bakersfield (Opuntia treleasei)
E Ceanothus, coyote (Ceanothus ferrisae)
E Ceanothus, Pine Hill (Ceanothus roderickii)
T Ceanothus, Vail Lake (Ceanothus ophiochilus)
E Checker-mallow, Keck's (Sidalcea keckii)
E Checker-mallow, Kenwood Marsh (Sidalcea oregana ssp. valida)
E Checker-mallow, pedate (Sidalcea pedata)
E Clarkia, Pismo (Clarkia speciosa ssp. immaculata)
E Clarkia, Presidio (Clarkia franciscana)
T Clarkia, Springville (Clarkia springvillensis)
E Clarkia, Vine Hill (Clarkia imbricata)
E Clover, Monterey (Trifolium trichocalyx)
E Clover, showy Indian (Trifolium amoenum)
T Crownbeard, big-leaved (Verbesina dissita)
E Crownscale, San Jacinto Valley (Atriplex coronata var. notatior)
T Cypress, Gowen (Cupressus goveniana ssp. goveniana)
T Cypress, Santa Cruz (Cupressus abramsiana)
T Daisy, Parish's (Erigeron parishii)
T Dudleya, Conejo (Dudleya abramsii ssp. parva)
T Dudleya, marcescent (Dudleya cymosa ssp. marcescens)
E Dudleya, Santa Clara Valley (Dudleya setchellii)
T Dudleya, Santa Cruz Island (Dudleya nesiotica)
T Dudleya, Santa Monica Mountains (Dudleya cymosa ssp. ovatifolia)
T Dudleya, Verity's (Dudleya verityi)
T Dwarf-flax, Marin (Hesperolinon congestum)
E Evening-primrose, Antioch Dunes (Oenothera deltoides ssp. howellii)
T Evening-primrose, San Benito (Camissonia benitensis)
E Fiddleneck, large-flowered (Amsinckia grandiflora)
E Flannelbush, Mexican (Fremontodendron mexicanum)
E Flannelbush, Pine Hill (Fremontodendron californicum ssp. decumbens)
E Fringepod, Santa Cruz Island (Thysanocarpus conchuliferus)
E Fritillary, Gentner's (Fritillaria gentneri)
E Gilia, Hoffmann's slender-flowered (Gilia tenuiflora ssp. hoffmannii)
E Gilia, Monterey (Gilia tenuiflora ssp. arenaria)
E Goldfields, Burke's (Lasthenia burkei)
E Goldfields, Contra Costa (Lasthenia conjugens)
T Grass, Colusa (Neostapfia colusana)
T Grass, Eureka Dune (Swallenia alexandrae)
E Grass, Solano (Tuctoria mucronata)
T Howellia, water (Howellia aquatilis)
T ivesia, Webber's (Ivesia webberi)
E Jewelflower, California (Caulanthus californicus)
E Jewelflower, Metcalf Canyon (Streptanthus albidus ssp. albidus)
E Jewelflower, Tiburon (Streptanthus niger)
E Larkspur, Baker's (Delphinium bakeri)
E Larkspur, San Clemente Island (Delphinium variegatum ssp. kinkiense)
E Larkspur, yellow (Delphinium luteum)
E Layia, beach (Layia carnosa)
E Lessingia, San Francisco (Lessingia germanorum (=L.g. var. germanorum))
E Lily, Pitkin Marsh (Lilium pardalinum ssp. pitkinense)
E Lily, Western (Lilium occidentale)
T Liveforever, Laguna Beach (Dudleya stolonifera)
E Liveforever, Santa Barbara Island (Dudleya traskiae)
T Lotus, San Clemente Island (Acmispon dendroideus var. traskiae (=Lotus d. ssp. traskiae))
E Lupine, clover (Lupinus tidestromii)
E Lupine, Nipomo Mesa (Lupinus nipomensis)
E Malacothrix, island (Malacothrix squalida)
E Malacothrix, Santa Cruz Island (Malacothrix indecora)
E Mallow, Kern (Eremalche kernensis)
E Manzanita, Del Mar (Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. crassifolia)
E Manzanita, Franciscan (Arctostaphylos franciscana)
T Manzanita, Ione (Arctostaphylos myrtifolia)
T Manzanita, Morro (Arctostaphylos morroensis)
T Manzanita, pallid (Arctostaphylos pallida)
E Manzanita, Presidio (Arctostaphylos hookeri var. ravenii)
E Manzanita, Santa Rosa Island (Arctostaphylos confertiflora)
T Mariposa lily, Tiburon (Calochortus tiburonensis)
E Meadowfoam, Butte County (Limnanthes floccosa ssp. californica)
E Meadowfoam, Sebastopol (Limnanthes vinculans)
E Mesa-mint, Otay (Pogogyne nudiuscula)
E Mesa-mint, San Diego (Pogogyne abramsii)
E Milk-vetch, Applegate's (Astragalus applegatei)
E Milk-vetch, Braunton's (Astragalus brauntonii)
E Milk-vetch, Clara Hunt's (Astragalus clarianus)
E Milk-vetch, Coachella Valley (Astragalus lentiginosus var. coachellae)
E Milk-vetch, coastal dunes (Astragalus tener var. titi)
E Milk-vetch, Cushenbury (Astragalus albens)
T Milk-vetch, Fish Slough (Astragalus lentiginosus var. piscinensis)
E Milk-vetch, Lane Mountain (Astragalus jaegerianus)
T Milk-vetch, Peirson's (Astragalus magdalenae var. peirsonii)
E Milk-vetch, triple-ribbed (Astragalus tricarinatus)
E Milk-vetch, Ventura Marsh (Astragalus pycnostachyus var. lanosissimus)
E Monardella, willowy (Monardella viminea)
E Monkeyflower, Vandenberg (Diplacus vandenbergensis)
E Morning-glory, Stebbins' (Calystegia stebbinsii)
E mountainbalm, Indian Knob (Eriodictyon altissimum)
E Mountain-mahogany, Catalina Island (Cercocarpus traskiae)
E Mustard, slender-petaled (Thelypodium stenopetalum)
E Navarretia, few-flowered (Navarretia leucocephala ssp. pauciflora (=N. pauciflora))
E Navarretia, many-flowered (Navarretia leucocephala ssp. plieantha)
T Navarretia, spreading (Navarretia fossalis)
E Niterwort, Amargosa (Nitrophila mohavensis)
E Onion, Munz's (Allium munzii)
E Orcutt grass, California (Orcuttia californica)
E Orcutt grass, hairy (Orcuttia pilosa)
E Orcutt grass, Sacramento (Orcuttia viscida)
T Orcutt grass, San Joaquin (Orcuttia inaequalis)
T Orcutt grass, slender (Orcuttia tenuis)
T Owl's-clover, fleshy (Castilleja campestris ssp. succulenta)
E oxytheca, Cushenbury (Oxytheca parishii var. goodmaniana)
T Paintbrush, ash-grey (Castilleja cinerea)
T Paintbrush, San Clemente Island (Castilleja grisea)
E Paintbrush, soft-leaved (Castilleja mollis)
E Paintbrush, Tiburon (Castilleja affinis ssp. neglecta)
E Penny-cress, Kneeland Prairie (Thlaspi californicum)
E Pentachaeta, Lyon's (Pentachaeta lyonii)
E Pentachaeta, white-rayed (Pentachaeta bellidiflora)
E Phacelia, island (Phacelia insularis ssp. insularis)
E Phlox, Yreka (Phlox hirsuta)
E Piperia, Yadon's (Piperia yadonii)
E Polygonum, Scotts Valley (Polygonum hickmanii)
E Potentilla, Hickman's (Potentilla hickmanii)
T Pussypaws, Mariposa (Calyptridium pulchellum)
E Rock-cress, Hoffmann's (Arabis hoffmannii)
E Rock-cress, McDonald's (Arabis macdonaldiana)
E Rockcress, Santa Cruz Island (Sibara filifolia)
T Rush-rose, island (Helianthemum greenei)
T Sandwort, Bear Valley (Arenaria ursina)
E Sandwort, Marsh (Arenaria paludicola)
E Seablite, California (Suaeda californica)
E Sedge, white (Carex albida)
E Spineflower, Ben Lomond (Chorizanthe pungens var. hartwegiana)
E Spineflower, Howell's (Chorizanthe howellii)
T Spineflower, Monterey (Chorizanthe pungens var. pungens)
E Spineflower, Orcutt's (Chorizanthe orcuttiana)
E spineflower, Robust (Chorizanthe robusta var. robusta)
E spineflower, Scotts Valley (Chorizanthe robusta var. hartwegii)
E Spineflower, slender-horned (Dodecahema leptoceras)
E Spineflower, Sonoma (Chorizanthe valida)
T Spurge, Hoover's (Chamaesyce hooveri)
E Stonecrop, Lake County (Parvisedum leiocarpum)
E Sunburst, Hartweg's golden (Pseudobahia bahiifolia)
T Sunburst, San Joaquin adobe (Pseudobahia peirsonii)
E Sunflower, San Mateo woolly (Eriophyllum latilobum)
T Sunray, Ash Meadows (Enceliopsis nudicaulis var. corrugata)
E Sunshine, Sonoma (Blennosperma bakeri)
E Taraxacum, California (Taraxacum californicum)
E Tarplant, Gaviota (Deinandra increscens ssp. villosa)
T Tarplant, Otay (Deinandra (=Hemizonia) conjugens)
T Tarplant, Santa Cruz (Holocarpha macradenia)
E Thistle, Chorro Creek bog (Cirsium fontinale var. obispoense)
E Thistle, fountain (Cirsium fontinale var. fontinale)
E Thistle, La Graciosa (Cirsium loncholepis)
E Thistle, Loch Lomond coyote (Eryngium constancei)
E Thistle, Suisun (Cirsium hydrophilum var. hydrophilum)
T Thornmint, San Diego (Acanthomintha ilicifolia)
E Thornmint, San Mateo (Acanthomintha obovata ssp. duttonii)
E Tuctoria, Greene's (Tuctoria greenei)
T Vervain, Red Hills (Verbena californica)
E Wallflower, Ben Lomond (Erysimum teretifolium)
E Wallflower, Contra Costa (Erysimum capitatum var. angustatum)
E Wallflower, Menzies' (Erysimum menziesii)
E Watercress, Gambel's (Rorippa gambellii)
T Wild-buckwheat, southern mountain (Eriogonum kennedyi var. austromontanum)
E Woodland-star, San Clemente Island (Lithophragma maximum)
E Woolly-star, Santa Ana River (Eriastrum densifolium ssp. sanctorum)
E Wooly-threads, San Joaquin (Monolopia (=Lembertia) congdonii)
E Yerba santa, Lompoc (Eriodictyon capitatum)