Listed species believed to or known to occur in Hawaii

  • As of 02/13/2015 the data in this report has been updated to use a different set of information. Results are based on where the species is believed to or known to occur. The FWS feels utilizing this data set is a better representation of species occurrence. Note: there may be other federally listed species that are not currently known or expected to occur in this state but are covered by the ESA wherever they are found; Thus if new surveys detected them in this state they are still covered by the ESA. The FWS is using the best information available on this date to generate this list.
  • This report shows listed species or populations believed to or known to occur in Hawaii
  • This list does not include experimental populations and similarity of appearance listings.
  • This list includes species or populations under the sole jurisdiction of the National Marine Fisheries Service.
  • Click on the highlighted scientific names below to view a Species Profile for each listing.

Listed species -- 503 listings

Animals -- 79 listings
Status Species/Listing Name
E Akekee Wherever found (Loxops caeruleirostris)
E akepa, Hawaii Wherever found (Loxops coccineus)
E akepa, Maui Wherever found (Loxops ochraceus)
E akialoa, Kauai (honeycreeper) Wherever found (Akialoa stejnegeri)
E akiapolaau Wherever found (Hemignathus wilsoni)
E Akikiki Wherever found (Oreomystis bairdi)
E Albatross, short-tailed Wherever found (Phoebastria (=Diomedea) albatrus)
E Amphipod, Kauai cave Wherever found (Spelaeorchestia koloana)
E Bat, Hawaiian hoary Wherever found (Lasiurus cinereus semotus)
E Coot, Hawaiian Wherever found (Fulica americana alai)
E Creeper, Hawaii Wherever found (Oreomystis mana)
E Creeper, Molokai Wherever found (Paroreomyza flammea)
E Creeper, Oahu Wherever found (Paroreomyza maculata)
E Crow, Hawaiian (='alala) Wherever found (Corvus hawaiiensis)
E Damselfly, blackline Hawaiian Wherever found (Megalagrion nigrohamatum nigrolineatum)
E Damselfly, crimson Hawaiian Wherever found (Megalagrion leptodemas)
E Damselfly, flying earwig Hawaiian Wherever found (Megalagrion nesiotes)
E Damselfly, oceanic Hawaiian Wherever found (Megalagrion oceanicum)
E Damselfly, orangeblack Hawaiian Wherever found (Megalagrion xanthomelas)
E Damselfly, Pacific Hawaiian Wherever found (Megalagrion pacificum)
E Duck, Hawaiian (=koloa) Wherever found (Anas wyvilliana)
E Duck, Laysan Wherever found (Anas laysanensis)
E elepaio, Oahu Wherever found (Chasiempis ibidis)
E Finch, Laysan (honeycreeper) Wherever found (Telespyza cantans)
E Finch, Nihoa (honeycreeper) Wherever found (Telespyza ultima)
E fly, Hawaiian picture-wing Wherever found (Drosophila aglaia)
E fly, Hawaiian picture-wing Wherever found (Drosophila differens)
E Fly, Hawaiian picture-wing Wherever found (Drosophila digressa)
E fly, Hawaiian picture-wing Wherever found (Drosophila hemipeza)
E fly, Hawaiian picture-wing Wherever found (Drosophila heteroneura)
T fly, Hawaiian picture-wing Wherever found (Drosophila mulli)
E fly, Hawaiian picture-wing Wherever found (Drosophila musaphilia)
E fly, Hawaiian picture-wing Wherever found (Drosophila obatai)
E fly, Hawaiian picture-wing Wherever found (Drosophila ochrobasis)
E Fly, Hawaiian picture-wing Wherever found (Drosophila sharpi)
E fly, Hawaiian picture-wing Wherever found (Drosophila substenoptera)
E fly, Hawaiian picture-wing Wherever found (Drosophila tarphytrichia)
E gallinule, Hawaiian common Wherever found (Gallinula galeata sandvicensis)
E Goose, Hawaiian Wherever found (Branta (=Nesochen) sandvicensis)
E Hawk, Hawaiian (='lo) Wherever found (Buteo solitarius)
E honeycreeper, (Akohekohe) crested Wherever found (Palmeria dolei)
T `I`iwi Wherever found (Drepanis coccinea)
E Millerbird, Nihoa (old world warbler) Wherever found (Acrocephalus familiaris kingi)
E Moth, Blackburn's sphinx Wherever found (Manduca blackburni)
E nukupuu, Kauai Wherever found (Hemignathus hanapepe)
E nukupuu, Maui Wherever found (Hemignathus affinis)
E `O`o, Kauai (honeyeater) Wherever found (Moho braccatus)
E `O`u (honeycreeper) Wherever found (Psittirostra psittacea)
E Palila (honeycreeper) Wherever found (Loxioides bailleui)
E parrotbill, Maui (Kiwikiu) Wherever found (Pseudonestor xanthophrys)
E petrel, Hawaiian Wherever found (Pterodroma sandwichensis)
E picture-wing fly, Hawaiian Wherever found (Drosophila montgomeryi)
E picture-wing fly, Hawaiian Wherever found (Drosophila neoclavisetae)
E Po`ouli (honeycreeper) Wherever found (Melamprosops phaeosoma)
T Sea turtle, green Central North Pacific DPS (Chelonia mydas)
E Sea turtle, hawksbill Wherever found (Eretmochelys imbricata)
E Sea turtle, leatherback Wherever found (Dermochelys coriacea)
T Sea turtle, olive ridley Wherever found, except when listed as endangered under 50 CFR 224.101 (Lepidochelys olivacea)
T Shearwater, Newell's Townsend's Wherever found (Puffinus auricularis newelli)
E Shrimp, anchialine pool Wherever found (Procaris hawaiana)
E Shrimp, anchialine pool Wherever found (Vetericaris chaceorum)
E Snail, Lanai tree Wherever found (Partulina semicarinata)
E Snail, Lanai tree Wherever found (Partulina variabilis)
T Snail, Newcomb's Wherever found (Erinna newcombi)
E Snails, Oahu tree Wherever found (Achatinella spp.)
E Spider, Kauai cave wolf or pe'e pe'e maka 'ole Wherever found (Adelocosa anops)
E Stilt, Hawaiian Wherever found (Himantopus mexicanus knudseni)
E Storm-petrel, band-rumped USA (HI) (Oceanodroma castro)
E Thrush, large Kauai (=kamao) Wherever found (Myadestes myadestinus)
E Thrush, Molokai Wherever found (Myadestes lanaiensis rutha)
E Thrush, small Kauai (=puaiohi) Wherever found (Myadestes palmeri)
E Tree snail, Newcomb's Wherever found (Newcombia cumingi)
E Yellow-faced bee, anthricinan Wherever found (Hylaeus anthracinus)
E Yellow-faced bee, assimulans Wherever found (Hylaeus assimulans)
E Yellow-faced bee, easy Wherever found (Hylaeus facilis)
E yellow-faced bee, Hawaiian Wherever found (Hylaeus kuakea)
E yellow-faced bee, Hawaiian Wherever found (Hylaeus longiceps)
E yellow-faced bee, Hawaiian Wherever found (Hylaeus mana)
E Yellow-faced bee, hilaris Wherever found (Hylaeus hilaris)
Plants -- 424 listings
Status Species/Listing Name
E A`e (Zanthoxylum dipetalum var. tomentosum)
E A`e (Zanthoxylum hawaiiense)
E A`e (Zanthoxylum oahuense)
T `Ahinahina (Argyroxiphium sandwicense ssp. macrocephalum)
E `Ahinahina (Argyroxiphium sandwicense ssp. sandwicense)
E `Aiakeakua, popolo (Solanum sandwicense)
E `Aiea (Nothocestrum breviflorum)
E `Aiea (Nothocestrum latifolium)
E `Aiea (Nothocestrum peltatum)
E `Akoko (Euphorbia celastroides var. kaenana)
E `Akoko (Euphorbia deppeana)
E `Akoko (Euphorbia eleanoriae)
E `Akoko (Euphorbia haeleeleana)
E `Akoko (Euphorbia herbstii)
E `Akoko (Euphorbia kuwaleana)
E `Akoko (Euphorbia remyi var. kauaiensis)
E `Akoko (Euphorbia remyi var. remyi)
E `Akoko (Euphorbia rockii)
E ''Akoko (Euphorbia halemanui)
E `Akoko, Ewa Plains (Euphorbia skottsbergii var. skottsbergii)
E `aku (Cyanea tritomantha)
E `aku`aku (Cyanea platyphylla)
E `Ala `ala wai nui (Peperomia subpetiolata)
E Alani (Melicope adscendens)
E Alani (Melicope balloui)
E Alani (Melicope christophersenii)
E Alani (Melicope degeneri)
E Alani (Melicope haupuensis)
E Alani (Melicope hiiakae)
E Alani (Melicope knudsenii)
E Alani (Melicope lydgatei)
E Alani (Melicope makahae)
E Alani (Melicope mucronulata)
E Alani (Melicope munroi)
E Alani (Melicope ovalis)
E Alani (Melicope pallida)
E Alani (Melicope paniculata)
E Alani (Melicope puberula)
E Alani (Melicope quadrangularis)
E Alani (Melicope reflexa)
E Alani (Melicope saint-johnii)
E Alani (Melicope zahlbruckneri)
E `Anaunau (Lepidium arbuscula)
E `Anunu (Sicyos albus)
E `Anunu (Sicyos macrophyllus)
E aumakua, Palapalai (Dryopteris crinalis var. podosorus)
E Aupaka (Isodendrion hosakae)
E Aupaka (Isodendrion laurifolium)
T Aupaka (Isodendrion longifolium)
E `Awikiwiki (Canavalia molokaiensis)
E `Awikiwiki (Canavalia napaliensis)
E `Awikiwiki (Canavalia pubescens)
E Awiwi (Schenkia sebaeoides)
E 'Awiwi (Kadua cookiana)
E bean, sea (Mucuna sloanei var. persericea)
E Bluegrass, Hawaiian (Poa sandvicensis)
E Bluegrass, Mann's (Poa mannii)
E Chaff-flower, round-leaved (Achyranthes splendens var. rotundata)
E diellia, Asplenium-leaved (Asplenium dielerectum)
E `Ena`ena (Pseudognaphalium sandwicensium var. molokaiense)
E Fern, pendant kihi (Adenophorus periens)
E Gardenia (=Na`u), Hawaiian (Gardenia brighamii)
E Geranium, Hawaiian red-flowered (Geranium arboreum)
E Haha (Cyanea acuminata)
E Haha (Cyanea asarifolia)
E Haha (Cyanea asplenifolia)
E Haha (Cyanea calycina)
E Haha (Cyanea copelandii ssp. copelandii)
E Haha (Cyanea copelandii ssp. haleakalaensis)
E haha (Cyanea crispa)
E Haha (Cyanea dolichopoda)
E haha (Cyanea dunbariae)
E haha (Cyanea duvalliorum)
E Haha (Cyanea eleeleensis)
E haha (Cyanea gibsonii)
E Haha (Cyanea glabra)
E Haha (Cyanea grimesiana ssp. grimesiana)
E Haha (Cyanea grimesiana ssp. obatae)
E Haha (Cyanea hamatiflora ssp. carlsonii)
E Haha (Cyanea hamatiflora ssp. hamatiflora)
E Haha (Cyanea humboldtiana)
E Haha (Cyanea kolekoleensis)
E Haha (Cyanea koolauensis)
E Haha (Cyanea kuhihewa)
E Haha (Cyanea kunthiana)
E Haha (Cyanea lanceolata)
E Haha (Cyanea lobata)
E Haha (Cyanea longiflora)
E haha (Cyanea magnicalyx)
E Haha (Cyanea mannii)
E haha (Cyanea maritae)
E Haha (Cyanea marksii)
E haha (Cyanea mauiensis)
E Haha (Cyanea mceldowneyi)
E haha (Cyanea munroi)
E Haha (Cyanea obtusa)
E Haha (Cyanea pinnatifida)
E Haha (Cyanea procera)
E Haha (Cyanea profuga)
E Haha (Cyanea purpurellifolia)
T Haha (Cyanea recta)
E Haha (Cyanea remyi)
E Haha (Cyanea rivularis)
E Haha (Cyanea shipmanii)
E Haha (Cyanea stictophylla)
E Haha (Cyanea st.-johnii)
E Haha (Cyanea superba)
E Haha (Cyanea truncata)
E Haha (Cyanea undulata)
E haiwale (Cyrtandra ferripilosa)
E Haiwale (Cyrtandra gracilis)
E Haiwale (Cyrtandra paliku)
E Haiwale (Cyrtandra waiolani)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra crenata)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra dentata)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra filipes)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra giffardii)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra hematos)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra kaulantha)
T Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra limahuliensis)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra munroi)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra oenobarba)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra oxybapha)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra polyantha)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra sessilis)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra subumbellata)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra tintinnabula)
E Ha`iwale (Cyrtandra viridiflora)
E Hala pepe (Pleomele fernaldii)
E Hala pepe (Pleomele forbesii)
E Hala pepe (Pleomele hawaiiensis)
E Hau kuahiwi (Hibiscadelphus giffardianus)
E Hau kuahiwi (Hibiscadelphus hualalaiensis)
E Hau kuahiwi (Hibiscadelphus woodii)
E Heau (Exocarpos luteolus)
E Heau (Exocarpos menziesii)
E Hibiscus, Clay's (Hibiscus clayi)
E Hoawa (Pittosporum halophilum)
E Hoawa (Pittosporum hawaiiense)
E Ho`awa (Pittosporum napaliense)
E Hohiu (Dryopteris glabra var. pusilla)
E Holei (Ochrosia haleakalae)
E Holei (Ochrosia kilaueaensis)
E Honohono (Haplostachys haplostachya)
E Hulumoa (Korthalsella degeneri)
E Ihi (Portulaca villosa)
E Ihi`ihi (Marsilea villosa)
E Iliau, dwarf (Wilkesia hobdyi)
E Ischaemum, Hilo (Ischaemum byrone)
E Kamakahala (Labordia cyrtandrae)
E Kamakahala (Labordia helleri)
E Kamakahala (Labordia lydgatei)
E Kamakahala (Labordia pumila)
E Kamakahala (Labordia tinifolia var. lanaiensis)
E Kamakahala (Labordia tinifolia var. wahiawaensis)
E Kamakahala (Labordia triflora)
E Kamanomano (Cenchrus agrimonioides)
E Kamapua`a (Kadua fluviatilis)
E Kauai hau kuahiwi (Hibiscadelphus distans)
E Kauila (Colubrina oppositifolia)
E Kaulu (Pteralyxia kauaiensis)
E Kaulu (Pteralyxia macrocarpa)
E Kio`ele (Kadua coriacea)
E Kiponapona (Phyllostegia racemosa)
E Kohe malama malama o kanaloa (Kanaloa kahoolawensis)
E Koholapehu (Dubautia latifolia)
E Koki`o (Kokia drynarioides)
E Koki`o (Kokia kauaiensis)
E Koki`o, Cooke's (Kokia cookei)
E Koki`o ke`oke`o (Hibiscus arnottianus ssp. immaculatus)
E Koki`o ke`oke`o (Hibiscus waimeae ssp. hannerae)
E Kolea (Myrsine fosbergii)
E Kolea (Myrsine juddii)
E Kolea (Myrsine knudsenii)
T Kolea (Myrsine linearifolia)
E Kolea (Myrsine mezii)
E Kolea (Myrsine vaccinioides)
E Ko`oko`olau (Bidens amplectens)
E Ko`oko`olau (Bidens campylotheca ssp. pentamera)
E Ko`oko`olau (Bidens campylotheca ssp. waihoiensis)
E Ko`oko`olau (Bidens conjuncta)
E Ko`oko`olau (Bidens micrantha ssp. ctenophylla)
E Ko`oko`olau (Bidens micrantha ssp. kalealaha)
E Ko`oko`olau (Bidens wiebkei)
E Ko`oloa`ula (Abutilon menziesii)
E kopa (Kadua cordata remyi)
E Kopiko (Psychotria grandiflora)
E Kopiko (Psychotria hexandra ssp. oahuensis)
E Kopiko (Psychotria hobdyi)
E Kuahiwi laukahi (Plantago hawaiensis)
E Kuahiwi laukahi (Plantago princeps)
E Kuawawaenohu (Schiedea lychnoides)
E Kula wahine noho (Isodendrion pyrifolium)
E Kulu`i (Nototrichium humile)
E Kupukupu makalii (Cyclosorus boydiae)
E Lau `ehu (Panicum niihauense)
E Laulihilihi (Schiedea stellarioides)
E lehua makanoe (Lysimachia daphnoides)
E Liliwai (Acaena exigua)
E Lo`ulu (Pritchardia hardyi)
E Lo`ulu (Pritchardia kaalae)
E Lo`ulu (Pritchardia lanigera)
E Lo`ulu (Pritchardia maideniana)
E Lo`ulu (Pritchardia munroi)
E Lo`ulu (Pritchardia napaliensis)
E Lo`ulu (Pritchardia remota)
E Lo`ulu (Pritchardia schattaueri)
E Lo`ulu (Pritchardia viscosa)
E Loulu, Baker''s (Pritchardia bakeri)
E Love grass, Fosberg's (Eragrostis fosbergii)
E Mahoe (Alectryon macrococcus)
T Makou (Peucedanum sandwicense)
E Makou (Ranunculus hawaiensis)
E Makou (Ranunculus mauiensis)
E Ma`o hau hele, (=native yellow hibiscus) (Hibiscus brackenridgei)
E Ma`oli`oli (Schiedea apokremnos)
E Ma`oli`oli (Schiedea hawaiiensis)
E Ma`oli`oli (Schiedea kealiae)
E Ma`oli`oli (Schiedea pubescens)
E Mapele (Cyrtandra cyaneoides)
E Mehamehame (Flueggea neowawraea)
E Naenae (Dubautia kalalauensis)
E Naenae (Dubautia kenwoodii)
E Na`ena`e (Dubautia herbstobatae)
E Na`ena`e (Dubautia imbricata ssp. imbricata)
E Na`ena`e (Dubautia pauciflorula)
E Na`ena`e (Dubautia plantaginea ssp. humilis)
E Na`ena`e (Dubautia plantaginea ssp. magnifolia)
E Na`ena`e (Dubautia waialealae)
E Nani wai`ale`ale (Viola kauaiensis var. wahiawaensis)
E Nanu (Gardenia mannii)
E Nanu (Gardenia remyi)
E Naupaka, dwarf (Scaevola coriacea)
E Nehe (Lipochaeta fauriei)
E Nehe (Lipochaeta lobata var. leptophylla)
E Nehe (Lipochaeta micrantha)
E Nehe (Lipochaeta waimeaensis)
E nehe (Melanthera kamolensis)
E Nehe (Melanthera tenuifolia)
E Nioi (Eugenia koolauensis)
E No common name (Abutilon eremitopetalum)
E No common name (Abutilon sandwicense)
E No common name (Achyranthes mutica)
E No common name (Amaranthus brownii)
E No common name (Asplenium dielfalcatum)
E No common name (Asplenium diellaciniatum)
E No common name (Asplenium dielmannii)
E No common name (Asplenium dielpallidum)
E No common name (Asplenium peruvianum var. insulare)
E No common name (Asplenium unisorum)
E No common name (Bidens hillebrandiana ssp. hillebrandiana)
E No common name (Bonamia menziesii)
E No common name (Cyanea kauaulaensis)
E No common name (Cyperus fauriei)
E No common name (Cyperus neokunthianus)
E No common name (Cyperus pennatiformis)
E No common name (Cyrtandra nanawaleensis)
E No common name (Cyrtandra wagneri)
E No common name (Delissea rhytidosperma)
E No common name (Delissea undulata)
E No common name (Deparia kaalaana)
E No common name (Diplazium molokaiense)
E No common name (Doryopteris angelica)
E No common name (Doryopteris takeuchii)
E No common name (Festuca hawaiiensis)
E No common name (Festuca molokaiensis)
E No common name (Gouania hillebrandii)
E No common name (Gouania meyenii)
E No common name (Gouania vitifolia)
E No common name (Hesperomannia arborescens)
E No common name (Hesperomannia arbuscula)
E No common name (Hesperomannia lydgatei)
E No common name (Huperzia stemmermanniae)
E No common name (Kadua degeneri)
E No common name (Kadua haupuensis)
E No common name (Kadua parvula)
E No common name (Kadua st.-johnii)
E No common name (Keysseria (=Lagenifera) erici)
E No common name (Keysseria (=Lagenifera) helenae)
E No common name (Labordia lorenciana)
E No common name (Lepidium orbiculare)
E No common name (Lipochaeta venosa)
E No common name (Lobelia koolauensis)
E No common name (Lobelia monostachya)
E No common name (Lobelia niihauensis)
E No common name (Lobelia oahuensis)
E No common name (Lysimachia filifolia)
E No common name (Lysimachia iniki)
E No common name (Lysimachia lydgatei)
E No common name (Lysimachia maxima)
E No common name (Lysimachia pendens)
E No common name (Lysimachia scopulensis)
E No common name (Lysimachia venosa)
E No common name (Microlepia strigosa var. mauiensis)
E No common name (Neraudia angulata)
E No common name (Neraudia ovata)
E No common name (Neraudia sericea)
E No common name (Phyllostegia bracteata)
E No common name (Phyllostegia brevidens)
E No common name (Phyllostegia floribunda)
E No common name (Phyllostegia glabra var. lanaiensis)
E No common name (Phyllostegia haliakalae)
E No common name (Phyllostegia helleri)
E No common name (Phyllostegia hirsuta)
E No common name (Phyllostegia hispida)
E No common name (Phyllostegia kaalaensis)
E No common name (Phyllostegia knudsenii)
E No common name (Phyllostegia mannii)
E No common name (Phyllostegia mollis)
E No common name (Phyllostegia parviflora)
E No common name (Phyllostegia pilosa)
E No common name (Phyllostegia renovans)
E No common name (Phyllostegia stachyoides)
E No common name (Phyllostegia velutina)
E No common name (Phyllostegia waimeae)
E No common name (Phyllostegia warshaueri)
E No common name (Phyllostegia wawrana)
E No common name (Platanthera holochila)
E No common name (Platydesma cornuta var. cornuta)
E No common name (Platydesma cornuta var. decurrens)
E No common name (Platydesma remyi)
E No common name (Poa siphonoglossa)
E No common name (Polyscias bisattenuata)
E No common name (Polyscias flynnii)
E No common name (Polyscias lydgatei)
E No common name (Polyscias racemosa)
E No common name (Pteris lidgatei)
E No common name (Remya kauaiensis)
E No common name (Remya montgomeryi)
E No common name (Sanicula mariversa)
E No common name (Sanicula purpurea)
E No common name (Sanicula sandwicensis)
E No common name (Santalum involutum)
E No common name (Schiedea attenuata)
E No common name (Schiedea diffusa ssp. macraei)
E No common name (Schiedea diffusa subsp. diffusa)
E No common name (Schiedea haleakalensis)
E No common name (Schiedea helleri)
E No common name (Schiedea hookeri)
E No common name (Schiedea jacobii)
E No common name (Schiedea kaalae)
E No common name (Schiedea kauaiensis)
E No common name (Schiedea laui)
E No common name (Schiedea lydgatei)
E No common name (Schiedea membranacea)
E No common name (Schiedea nuttallii)
E No common name (Schiedea obovata)
E No common name (Schiedea salicaria)
E No common name (Schiedea sarmentosa)
E No common name (Schiedea spergulina var. leiopoda)
T No common name (Schiedea spergulina var. spergulina)
E No common name (Schiedea trinervis)
E No common name (Schiedea viscosa)
E No common name (Sicyos lanceoloideus)
E No common name (Silene alexandri)
T No common name (Silene hawaiiensis)
E No common name (Silene lanceolata)
E No common name (Silene perlmanii)
E No common name (Spermolepis hawaiiensis)
E No common name (Stenogyne angustifolia var. angustifolia)
E No common name (Stenogyne bifida)
E No common name (Stenogyne campanulata)
E No common name (Stenogyne cranwelliae)
E No common name (Stenogyne kaalae ssp. sherffii)
E No common name (Stenogyne kanehoana)
E No common name (Stenogyne kauaulaensis)
E No common name (Stenogyne kealiae)
E No common name (Tetramolopium arenarium)
E No common name (Tetramolopium filiforme)
E No common name (Tetramolopium lepidotum ssp. lepidotum)
E No common name (Tetramolopium remyi)
T No common name (Tetramolopium rockii)
E No common name (Trematolobelia singularis)
E No common name (Vigna o-wahuensis)
E No common name (Viola helenae)
E No common name (Viola lanaiensis)
E No common name (Viola oahuensis)
E No common name (Wikstroemia skottsbergiana)
E No common name (Wikstroemia villosa)
E No common name (Xylosma crenatum)
E Nohoanu (Geranium hanaense)
E Nohoanu (Geranium hillebrandii)
E Nohoanu (Geranium kauaiense)
E Nohoanu (Geranium multiflorum)
E nui, haha (Cyanea horrida)
E Oha (Delissea subcordata)
E Ohai (Sesbania tomentosa)
E `Oha wai (Clermontia drepanomorpha)
E `Oha wai (Clermontia lindseyana)
E `Oha wai (Clermontia oblongifolia ssp. brevipes)
E `Oha wai (Clermontia oblongifolia ssp. mauiensis)
E `Oha wai (Clermontia peleana)
E `Oha wai (Clermontia pyrularia)
E `Oha wai (Clermontia samuelii)
E `Ohe (Joinvillea ascendens ascendens)
E `Ohe`ohe (Polyscias gymnocarpa)
E olua (Hypolepis hawaiiensis var. mauiensis)
E Olulu (Brighamia insignis)
E Opuhe (Urera kaalae)
E Pa`iniu (Astelia waialealae)
E Pamakani (Tetramolopium capillare)
E Pamakani (Viola chamissoniana ssp. chamissoniana)
E Panicgrass, Carter's (Panicum fauriei var. carteri)
E Papala (Charpentiera densiflora)
E Pauoa (Ctenitis squamigera)
E pilo (Kadua laxiflora)
E Pilo kea lau li`i (Platydesma rostrata)
E Po`e (Portulaca sclerocarpa)
E Popolo (Cyanea solanacea)
E Popolo (Solanum nelsonii)
E Popolo ku mai (Solanum incompletum)
E Pua `ala (Brighamia rockii)
E Pu`uka`a (Cyperus trachysanthos)
E Reedgrass, Hillegrand's (Calamagrostis hillebrandii)
E Reedgrass, Maui (Calamagrostis expansa)
E Remya, Maui (Remya mauiensis)
E Sandalwood, Lanai (=`iliahi) (Santalum haleakalae var. lanaiense)
E Schiedea, Diamond Head (Schiedea adamantis)
E Silversword, Mauna Loa (=Ka'u) (Argyroxiphium kauense)
E Uhi uhi (Mezoneuron kavaiense)
E Vetch, Hawaiian (Vicia menziesii)
E Wahane (Pritchardia aylmer-robinsonii)
E Wawae`iole (Huperzia mannii)
E Wawae`iole (Huperzia nutans)