Listed species believed to or known to occur in Wyoming

  • As of 02/13/2015 the data in this report has been updated to use a different set of information. Results are based on where the species is believed to or known to occur. The FWS feels utilizing this data set is a better representation of species occurrence. Note: there may be other federally listed species that are not currently known or expected to occur in this state but are covered by the ESA wherever they are found; Thus if new surveys detected them in this state they are still covered by the ESA. The FWS is using the best information available on this date to generate this list.
  • This report shows listed species or populations believed to or known to occur in Wyoming
  • This list does not include experimental populations and similarity of appearance listings.
  • This list includes species or populations under the sole jurisdiction of the National Marine Fisheries Service.
  • Click on the highlighted scientific names below to view a Species Profile for each listing.

Listed species -- 14 listings

Animals -- 10 listings
Status Species/Listing Name
T Bat, Northern long-eared Wherever found (Myotis septentrionalis)
T Bear, grizzly U.S.A., conterminous (lower 48) States, except where listed as an experimental population (Ursus arctos horribilis)
E Chub, humpback Wherever found (Gila cypha)
T Cuckoo, yellow-billed Western U.S. DPS (Coccyzus americanus)
E Dace, Kendall Warm Springs Wherever found (Rhinichthys osculus thermalis)
T Lynx, Canada Wherever Found in Contiguous U.S. (Lynx canadensis)
T Mouse, Preble's meadow jumping wherever found (Zapus hudsonius preblei)
E Pikeminnow (=squawfish), Colorado Wherever found, except where listed as an experimental population (Ptychocheilus lucius)
T Plover, piping [Atlantic Coast and Northern Great Plains populations] - Wherever found, except those areas where listed as endangered. (Charadrius melodus)
E Toad, Wyoming Wherever found (Bufo hemiophrys baxteri)
Plants -- 4 listings
Status Species/Listing Name
T Ladies'-tresses, Ute (Spiranthes diluvialis)
T Orchid, western prairie fringed (Platanthera praeclara)
E Penstemon, blowout (Penstemon haydenii)
T Yellowhead, desert (Yermo xanthocephalus)