Species Listed During Calendar Year 1978

Note: This report counts every species ever listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act. The status of a species may have changed since it was listed; therefore, if the number of species listed each calendar year is added up, that total will be different than the total number of species currently listed under the Endangered Species Act. Experimental populations and foreign species are not included, but distinct population segments (DPS) are counted, as are species listed due to similarity of appearance and joint US/foreign listings. The effective date (as given in the Federal Register notice) is used to determine in which Calendar Year a species is counted.

Common Name Scientific Name Current
FWS Wolf, gray (U.S.A.: All of AL, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, IN, IL, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA, VT, WI, and WV; and portions of AZ, NM, OR, UT, and WA. Mexico.) Canis lupus Endangered 3/9/78
FWS Wolf, gray (Western Great Lakes DPS) Canis lupus Resolved Taxon 3/9/78
FWS Wolf, gray (Northern Rocky Mountain DPS) Canis lupus Recovery 3/9/78
FWS Wolf, gray (WY, EXPN population) Canis lupus Experimental Population, Non-Essential 3/9/78
FWS/NMFS Sea turtle, loggerhead () Caretta caretta Resolved Taxon 7/28/78
FWS/NMFS Sea turtle, loggerhead (Northwest Atlantic Ocean DPS) Caretta caretta Threatened 7/23/78
FWS/NMFS Sea turtle, loggerhead (North Pacific Ocean DPS) Caretta caretta Endangered 7/23/78
FWS/NMFS Sea turtle, green (FL, Mexico nesting pops.) Chelonia mydas Resolved Taxon 7/28/78
FWS/NMFS Sea turtle, green (Except where endangered) Chelonia mydas Resolved Taxon 7/28/78
FWS Rattlesnake, New Mexican ridge-nosed (Entire) Crotalus willardi obscurus Threatened 8/21/78
FWS Iguana, Mona ground (Entire) Cyclura stejnegeri Threatened 3/6/78
FWS Snake, eastern indigo (Entire) Drymarchon corais couperi Threatened 3/3/78
FWS Boa, Mona (Entire) Epicrates monensis monensis Threatened 3/6/78
FWS/NMFS Sea turtle, olive ridley (Except where endangered) Lepidochelys olivacea Threatened 7/28/78
FWS Trout, Little Kern golden (Entire) Oncorhynchus aguabonita whitei Threatened 5/15/78
FWS Darter, leopard (Entire) Percina pantherina Threatened 2/27/78
FWS Snail, painted snake coiled forest (Entire) Anguispira picta Threatened 8/2/78
FWS Snail, Iowa Pleistocene (Entire) Discus macclintocki Endangered 8/2/78
FWS Snail, Stock Island tree (Entire) Orthalicus reses (not incl. nesodryas) Threatened 8/2/78
FWS globe, noonday (Entire) Patera clarki nantahala Threatened 8/2/78
FWS Snail, Virginia fringed mountain (Entire) Polygyriscus virginianus Endangered 8/2/78
FWS Snail, Chittenango ovate amber (Entire) Succinea chittenangoensis Threatened 8/2/78
FWS Snail, flat-spired three-toothed (Entire) Triodopsis platysayoides Threatened 8/2/78
FWS Isopod, Socorro (Entire) Thermosphaeroma thermophilus Endangered 4/26/78
Flowering Plants
FWS Monkshood, northern wild () Aconitum noveboracense Threatened 5/27/78
FWS Rock-cress, McDonald's Arabis macdonaldiana Endangered 9/29/78
FWS Milk-vetch, Rydberg Astragalus perianus Original Data in Error - Erroneous Data 5/27/78
FWS Rattleweed, hairy Baptisia arachnifera Endangered 5/27/78
FWS Birch, Virginia round-leaf Betula uber Threatened 5/27/78
FWS Bird's-beak, salt marsh Cordylanthus maritimus ssp. maritimus Endangered 10/29/78
FWS Liveforever, Santa Barbara Island Dudleya traskiae Endangered 5/27/78
FWS Wallflower, Contra Costa () Erysimum capitatum var. angustatum Endangered 5/27/78
FWS Evening-primrose, Eureka Valley Oenothera avita ssp. eurekensis Endangered 5/27/78
FWS Evening-primrose, Antioch Dunes () Oenothera deltoides ssp. howellii Endangered 5/27/78
FWS Lousewort, Furbish Pedicularis furbishiae Endangered 5/27/78
FWS Phacelia, clay Phacelia argillacea Endangered 10/29/78
FWS Mesa-mint, San Diego Pogogyne abramsii Endangered 10/29/78
FWS Grass, Eureka Dune Swallenia alexandrae Endangered 5/27/78
FWS Trillium, persistent Trillium persistens Endangered 5/27/78
FWS Grass, Solano Tuctoria mucronata Endangered 9/29/78
FWS Vetch, Hawaiian Vicia menziesii Endangered 5/27/78
FWS Wild-rice, Texas Zizania texana Endangered 5/27/78