Species Listed During Calendar Year 1997

Note: This report counts every species ever listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act. The status of a species may have changed since it was listed; therefore, if the number of species listed each calendar year is added up, that total will be different than the total number of species currently listed under the Endangered Species Act. Experimental populations and foreign species are not included, but distinct population segments (DPS) are counted, as are species listed due to similarity of appearance and joint US/foreign listings. The effective date (as given in the Federal Register notice) is used to determine in which Calendar Year a species is counted.

Common Name Scientific Name Current
FWS Pygmy-owl, cactus ferruginous (AZ pop.) Glaucidium brasilianum cactorum Original Data in Error - Erroneous Data 3/10/97
FWS Eider, Steller's (AK breeding pop.) Polysticta stelleri Threatened 6/11/97
FWS Turtle, bog (=Muhlenberg) (northern) Clemmys muhlenbergii Threatened 11/4/97
FWS Turtle, bog (=Muhlenberg) (southern) Clemmys muhlenbergii Similarity of Appearance to a Threatened Taxon 11/4/97
FWS Whipsnake (=striped racer), Alameda (Entire) Masticophis lateralis euryxanthus Threatened 12/5/97
FWS Snake, copperbelly water (Indiana north of 40 degrees north latitude, Michigan, Ohio) Nerodia erythrogaster neglecta Threatened 1/29/97
FWS Salamander, Sonora tiger (Entire) Ambystoma tigrinum stebbinsi Endangered 1/6/97
FWS Guajon (Entire) Eleutherodactylus cooki Threatened 6/11/97
FWS Salamander, Barton Springs (Entire) Eurycea sosorum Endangered 4/30/97
NMFS Salmon, coho (Southern Oregon - Northern California Coast ESU) Oncorhynchus (=Salmo) kisutch Threatened 6/18/97
FWS Elktoe, Cumberland Alasmidonta atropurpurea Endangered 1/10/97
FWS Combshell, Cumberlandian (Wherever found; Except where listed as Experimental Populations) Epioblasma brevidens Endangered 1/10/97
FWS Mussel, oyster (Wherever found; Except where listed as Experimental Populations) Epioblasma capsaeformis Endangered 1/10/97
FWS Rabbitsfoot, rough Quadrula cylindrica strigillata Endangered 1/10/97
FWS Bean, purple Villosa perpurpurea Endangered 1/10/97
FWS Butterfly, Quino checkerspot (Entire) Euphydryas editha quino (=E. e. wrighti) Endangered 1/16/97
FWS Beetle, Comal Springs riffle Heterelmis comalensis Endangered 12/18/97
FWS Beetle, Mount Hermon June (Entire) Polyphylla barbata Endangered 1/24/97
FWS Skipper, Laguna Mountains (Entire) Pyrgus ruralis lagunae Endangered 1/16/97
FWS Butterfly, callippe silverspot (Entire) Speyeria callippe callippe Endangered 12/5/97
FWS Butterfly, Behren's silverspot (Entire) Speyeria zerene behrensii Endangered 12/5/97
FWS Beetle, Comal Springs dryopid Stygoparnus comalensis Endangered 12/18/97
FWS Grasshopper, Zayante band-winged Trimerotropis infantilis Endangered 1/24/97
FWS Fairy shrimp, San Diego Branchinecta sandiegonensis Endangered 2/3/97
FWS Amphipod, Peck's cave Stygobromus (=Stygonectes) pecki Endangered 12/18/97
Flowering Plants
FWS Alopecurus, Sonoma Alopecurus aequalis var. sonomensis Endangered 10/22/97
FWS Rock-cress, Hoffmann's Arabis hoffmannii Endangered 7/31/97
FWS Manzanita, Santa Rosa Island Arctostaphylos confertiflora Endangered 7/31/97
FWS Milk-vetch, Braunton's Astragalus brauntonii Endangered 1/29/97
FWS Milk-vetch, Clara Hunt's Astragalus clarianus Endangered 10/22/97
FWS Barberry, island Berberis pinnata ssp. insularis Endangered 7/31/97
FWS Sedge, white Carex albida Endangered 10/22/97
FWS Owl's-clover, fleshy Castilleja campestris ssp. succulenta Threatened 3/26/97
FWS Paintbrush, golden Castilleja levisecta Threatened 6/11/97
FWS Paintbrush, soft-leaved Castilleja mollis Endangered 7/31/97
FWS Mountain-mahogany, Catalina Island Cercocarpus traskiae Endangered 8/8/97
FWS Spurge, Hoover's Chamaesyce hooveri Threatened 3/26/97
FWS Thistle, Suisun () Cirsium hydrophilum var. hydrophilum Endangered 11/20/97
FWS Clarkia, Vine Hill Clarkia imbricata Endangered 10/22/97
FWS No common name Cordia bellonis Endangered 1/10/97
FWS Bird's-beak, soft () Cordylanthus mollis ssp. mollis Endangered 11/20/97
FWS Dudleya, Conejo Dudleya abramsii ssp. parva Threatened 1/29/97
FWS Dudleya, marcescent Dudleya cymosa ssp. marcescens Threatened 1/29/97
FWS Dudleya, Santa Monica Mountains Dudleya cymosa ssp. ovatifolia Threatened 1/29/97
FWS Dudleya, Santa Cruz Island Dudleya nesiotica Threatened 7/31/97
FWS Dudleya, Verity's Dudleya verityi Threatened 1/29/97
FWS Bedstraw, island Galium buxifolium Endangered 7/31/97
FWS Gilia, Hoffmann's slender-flowered Gilia tenuiflora ssp. hoffmannii Endangered 7/31/97
FWS Rush-rose, island Helianthemum greenei Threatened 7/31/97
FWS Sunflower, Eggert's Helianthus eggertii Recovery 5/22/97
FWS Walnut (=Nogal), West Indian Juglans jamaicensis Endangered 1/13/97
FWS Goldfields, Contra Costa Lasthenia conjugens Endangered 6/18/97
FWS Lessingia, San Francisco Lessingia germanorum (=L.g. var. germanorum) Endangered 6/19/97
FWS Water-umbel, Huachuca Lilaeopsis schaffneriana var. recurva Endangered 1/6/97
FWS Lily, Pitkin Marsh Lilium pardalinum ssp. pitkinense Endangered 10/22/97
FWS Woodland-star, San Clemente Island Lithophragma maximum Endangered 8/8/97
FWS Bush-mallow, Santa Cruz Island Malacothamnus fasciculatus var. nesioticus Endangered 7/31/97
FWS Malacothrix, Santa Cruz Island Malacothrix indecora Endangered 7/31/97
FWS Malacothrix, island Malacothrix squalida Endangered 7/31/97
FWS Navarretia, few-flowered Navarretia leucocephala ssp. pauciflora (=N. pauciflora) Endangered 6/18/97
FWS Navarretia, many-flowered Navarretia leucocephala ssp. plieantha Endangered 6/18/97
FWS Grass, Colusa Neostapfia colusana Threatened 3/26/97
FWS Orcutt grass, San Joaquin Orcuttia inaequalis Threatened 3/26/97
FWS Orcutt grass, hairy Orcuttia pilosa Endangered 3/26/97
FWS Orcutt grass, slender Orcuttia tenuis Threatened 3/26/97
FWS Orcutt grass, Sacramento Orcuttia viscida Endangered 3/26/97
FWS Stonecrop, Lake County Parvisedum leiocarpum Endangered 6/18/97
FWS Pentachaeta, Lyon's Pentachaeta lyonii Endangered 1/29/97
FWS Phacelia, island Phacelia insularis ssp. insularis Endangered 7/31/97
FWS Allocarya, Calistoga Plagiobothrys strictus Endangered 10/22/97
FWS Bluegrass, Napa Poa napensis Endangered 10/22/97
FWS Sunburst, Hartweg's golden Pseudobahia bahiifolia Endangered 2/6/97
FWS Sunburst, San Joaquin adobe Pseudobahia peirsonii Threatened 2/6/97
FWS Rockcress, Santa Cruz Island Sibara filifolia Endangered 8/8/97
FWS Checker-mallow, Kenwood Marsh Sidalcea oregana ssp. valida Endangered 10/22/97
FWS Ladies'-tresses, Canelo Hills Spiranthes delitescens Endangered 1/6/97
FWS Fringepod, Santa Cruz Island Thysanocarpus conchuliferus Endangered 7/31/97
FWS Clover, showy Indian Trifolium amoenum Endangered 10/22/97
FWS Tuctoria, Greene's Tuctoria greenei Endangered 3/26/97