Species Listed During Calendar Year 1998

Note: This report counts every species ever listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act. The status of a species may have changed since it was listed; therefore, if the number of species listed each calendar year is added up, that total will be different than the total number of species currently listed under the Endangered Species Act. Experimental populations and foreign species are not included, but distinct population segments (DPS) are counted, as are species listed due to similarity of appearance and joint US/foreign listings. The effective date (as given in the Federal Register notice) is used to determine in which Calendar Year a species is counted.

Common Name Scientific Name Current
FWS Wolf, Mexican (U.S.A. (portions of AZ and NM)see 17.84(k)) Canis lupus baileyi Experimental Population, Non-Essential 1/24/98
FWS Kangaroo rat, San Bernardino Merriam's (Entire) Dipodomys merriami parvus Endangered 1/27/98
FWS Sheep, Peninsular bighorn (Peninsular CA pop.) Ovis canadensis nelsoni Endangered 3/18/98
FWS Mouse, St. Andrew beach (Wherever found) Peromyscus polionotus peninsularis Endangered 12/18/98
FWS Mouse, Preble's meadow jumping (wherever found) Zapus hudsonius preblei Threatened 5/13/98
FWS Shiner, Arkansas River (Arkansas R. Basin) Notropis girardi Threatened 11/23/98
FWS Shiner, Topeka (Entire) Notropis topeka (=tristis) Endangered 12/15/98
NMFS Steelhead (California Central Valley DPS) Oncorhynchus (=Salmo) mykiss Threatened 6/17/98
NMFS Steelhead (Snake River Basin DPS) Oncorhynchus (=Salmo) mykiss Threatened 6/17/98
NMFS Steelhead (Central California Coast DPS) Oncorhynchus (=Salmo) mykiss Threatened 6/17/98
NMFS Steelhead (Lower Columbia River DPS) Oncorhynchus (=Salmo) mykiss Threatened 6/17/98
NMFS Steelhead (South-Central California Coast DPS) Oncorhynchus (=Salmo) mykiss Threatened 6/17/98
NMFS Steelhead (Southern California DPS) Oncorhynchus (=Salmo) mykiss Endangered 6/17/98
NMFS Steelhead (Upper Columbia River DPS) Oncorhynchus (=Salmo) mykiss Threatened 6/17/98
FWS Trout, bull (U.S.A., conterminous, lower 48 states) Salvelinus confluentus Threatened 6/10/98
FWS Threeridge, fat (mussel) Amblema neislerii Endangered 3/16/98
FWS Slabshell, Chipola Elliptio chipolaensis Threatened 3/16/98
FWS Bankclimber, purple (mussel) Elliptoideus sloatianus Threatened 3/16/98
FWS Pocketbook, shinyrayed Lampsilis subangulata Endangered 3/16/98
FWS Moccasinshell, Gulf Medionidus penicillatus Endangered 3/16/98
FWS Moccasinshell, Ochlockonee Medionidus simpsonianus Endangered 3/16/98
FWS Pigtoe, oval Pleurobema pyriforme Endangered 3/16/98
FWS Elimia, lacy (snail) (Entire) Elimia crenatella Threatened 10/28/98
FWS Rocksnail, round (Entire) Leptoxis ampla Threatened 10/28/98
FWS Rocksnail, plicate (Entire) Leptoxis plicata Endangered 10/28/98
FWS Rocksnail, painted (Entire) Leptoxis taeniata Threatened 10/28/98
FWS Pebblesnail, flat (Entire) Lepyrium showalteri Endangered 10/28/98
FWS Lioplax, cylindrical (snail) (Entire) Lioplax cyclostomaformis Endangered 10/28/98
FWS Amphipod, Illinois cave (Entire) Gammarus acherondytes Endangered 9/3/98
Flowering Plants
FWS Thornmint, San Diego Acanthomintha ilicifolia Threatened 10/13/98
FWS Onion, Munz's Allium munzii Endangered 10/13/98
FWS Manzanita, pallid Arctostaphylos pallida Threatened 4/22/98
FWS Sandwort, Bear Valley Arenaria ursina Threatened 10/14/98
FWS Milk-vetch, Lane Mountain () Astragalus jaegerianus Endangered 10/6/98
FWS Milk-vetch, Coachella Valley Astragalus lentiginosus var. coachellae Endangered 10/6/98
FWS Milk-vetch, Fish Slough () Astragalus lentiginosus var. piscinensis Threatened 10/6/98
FWS Milk-vetch, Peirson's Astragalus magdalenae var. peirsonii Threatened 10/6/98
FWS Milk-vetch, coastal dunes Astragalus tener var. titi Endangered 8/12/98
FWS Milk-vetch, triple-ribbed Astragalus tricarinatus Endangered 10/6/98
FWS Crownscale, San Jacinto Valley Atriplex coronata var. notatior Endangered 10/13/98
FWS Barberry, Nevin's Berberis nevinii Endangered 10/13/98
FWS Brodiaea, thread-leaved Brodiaea filifolia Threatened 10/13/98
FWS Brodiaea, Chinese Camp Brodiaea pallida Threatened 10/14/98
FWS Pussypaws, Mariposa Calyptridium pulchellum Threatened 10/14/98
FWS Paintbrush, ash-grey Castilleja cinerea Threatened 10/14/98
FWS Ceanothus, Vail Lake Ceanothus ophiochilus Threatened 10/13/98
FWS Clarkia, Springville Clarkia springvillensis Threatened 10/14/98
FWS Tarplant, Otay Deinandra (=Hemizonia) conjugens Threatened 10/13/98
FWS Liveforever, Laguna Beach Dudleya stolonifera Threatened 10/13/98
FWS Wild-buckwheat, southern mountain Eriogonum kennedyi var. austromontanum Threatened 10/14/98
FWS Flannelbush, Mexican Fremontodendron mexicanum Endangered 10/13/98
NMFS Seagrass, Johnson's Halophila johnsonii Threatened 9/14/98
FWS Sneezeweed, Virginia Helenium virginicum Threatened 11/3/98
FWS Monardella, willowy Monardella viminea Endangered 10/13/98
FWS Navarretia, spreading Navarretia fossalis Threatened 10/13/98
FWS Cactus, Winkler Pediocactus winkleri Threatened 8/20/98
FWS Piperia, Yadon's Piperia yadonii Endangered 8/12/98
FWS Bluegrass, San Bernardino Poa atropurpurea Endangered 10/14/98
FWS Potentilla, Hickman's Potentilla hickmanii Endangered 8/12/98
FWS Taraxacum, California Taraxacum californicum Endangered 10/14/98
FWS Bluecurls, Hidden Lake Trichostema austromontanum ssp. compactum Threatened 10/14/98
FWS Clover, Monterey Trifolium trichocalyx Endangered 8/12/98
FWS Vervain, Red Hills Verbena californica Threatened 10/14/98
Conifers and Cycads
FWS Cypress, Gowen Cupressus goveniana ssp. goveniana Threatened 8/12/98