Species Listed During Calendar Year 2004

Note: This report counts every species ever listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act. The status of a species may have changed since it was listed; therefore, if the number of species listed each calendar year is added up, that total will be different than the total number of species currently listed under the Endangered Species Act. Experimental populations and foreign species are not included, but distinct population segments (DPS) are counted, as are species listed due to similarity of appearance and joint US/foreign listings. The effective date (as given in the Federal Register notice) is used to determine in which Calendar Year a species is counted.

Common Name Scientific Name Current
FWS Fox, Santa Catalina Island (Wherever found) Urocyon littoralis catalinae Endangered 3/5/04
FWS Fox, San Miguel Island (wherever found) Urocyon littoralis littoralis Endangered 3/5/04
FWS Fox, Santa Cruz Island (wherever found) Urocyon littoralis santacruzae Endangered 3/5/04
FWS Fox, Santa Rosa Island (wherever found) Urocyon littoralis santarosae Endangered 3/5/04
FWS White-eye, Rota bridled (Entire) Zosterops rotensis Endangered 1/22/04
FWS Salamander, California tiger (U.S.A. (Central CA DPS)) Ambystoma californiense Threatened 8/4/04
Flowering Plants
FWS No common name Nesogenes rotensis Endangered 4/8/04
FWS No common name Osmoxylon mariannense Endangered 4/8/04