US Counties within Oklahoma in which the Whooping crane, U.S.A. (CO, ID, FL, NM, UT, and the western half of Wyoming) is known to or is believed to occur:

State County
Oklahoma Alfalfa
Oklahoma Beaver
Oklahoma Beckham
Oklahoma Blaine
Oklahoma Caddo
Oklahoma Canadian
Oklahoma Carter
Oklahoma Cleveland
Oklahoma Comanche
Oklahoma Cotton
Oklahoma Custer
Oklahoma Dewey
Oklahoma Ellis
Oklahoma Garfield
Oklahoma Garvin
Oklahoma Grady
Oklahoma Grant
Oklahoma Greer
Oklahoma Harmon
Oklahoma Harper
Oklahoma Jackson
Oklahoma Jefferson
Oklahoma Johnston
Oklahoma Kingfisher
Oklahoma Kiowa
Oklahoma Logan
Oklahoma Love
Oklahoma Major
Oklahoma Marshall
Oklahoma McClain
Oklahoma Murray
Oklahoma Muskogee
Oklahoma Noble
Oklahoma Oklahoma
Oklahoma Osage
Oklahoma Pawnee
Oklahoma Payne
Oklahoma Roger Mills
Oklahoma Rogers
Oklahoma Stephens
Oklahoma Texas
Oklahoma Tillman
Oklahoma Washington
Oklahoma Washita
Oklahoma Woods
Oklahoma Woodward

This report contains Counties in which this species is known to or is believed to occur. If you are looking for the Section 7 range (for Section 7 Consultations), please visit the IPaC application.