National Wild Fish Health Survey Database

The United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) National Wild Fish Health Survey Database (NWFHSDb) has been available to the public since September 2001. The database contains data on pathogen occurrence in free-ranging (wild) populations of fish. This data is collected via the National Wild Fish Health Survey, initiated in 1996 as a collaborative effort among natural resource agencies. The survey is maintained and managed by the nine USFWS National Fish Health Centers.

The database is part of an effort to create an information system that will be a valuable tool for the management, protection, and recovery of aquatic ecosystems. The NWFHSDb consists of two distinct components: an internal database maintained and utilized by the Fish Health Centers for entering, tracking, and reporting data, and this publicly accessible website. Data from each Fish Health Center is available on this site for display and download.

The NWFHSDb displays pathogen distribution information and is based on the spatial data generated by the Fish Health Centers. The NWFHSDb itself is a geographic information system (GIS) designed to be accessed via a web browser. It offers users the ability to obtain maps of NWFHS data based on user-defined queries. Individual case reports are available for each record and search results may be downloaded in several formats for further analysis. See the Feature List for a list of major features, and the Documentation for a detailed explanation of each feature. Use the Quick Start Guide to get started now with the basic operations.