IPaC - Information, Planning, and Conservation System 
Environmental Conservation Online System
IPaC features
  • Initial Project Scoping »:
    • Determine whether any threatened and endangered species, designated critical habitat, proposed critical habitat, Migratory Birds of Conservation Concern, or other natural resources of concern may be affected by your proposed project.
    • Interact with maps that summarize the distribution of important biological resources, such as wetlands, refuges, critical habitat, GAP land cover, and more.
    • Get a preliminary or official U.S. Fish and Wildlife species list.
    • In limited U.S. locations, receive a list of conservation measures (i.e., best management practices) designed specifically for particular project activity types.
    • In Wyoming, as part of the Landscape-scale Energy Action Plan (LEAP) pilot project, see/explore maps that show the distribution of resources important to LEAP-selected species, and maps of wetland potential improvement or re-establishment sites.
  • Get an updated Official Species List »:
    If you previously received an Official Species List and wish to get an update one for the same project location, you will need the
    1) Consultation Code from the original species list, and
    2) email address used on the original species list request.
  • Frequently Asked Questions »:
    Read more about how IPaC works and the types of information you can retrieve from IPaC.
What's coming?

In the future, USFWS-recommended project design (conservation) measures will be available for all locations in the U.S. Conservation Measures help to avoid, minimize or mitigate anticipated effects on proposed and listed species.

With the upcoming IPaC Project Manager tool, you will be able to enter the details of your projects, such as actions, locations, and timelines, and have IPaC provide a more narrowed and refined list of conservation measures.

Based on this information and input, the IPaC Project Manager will assist you in creating your Biological Assessment and other Environmental documents.

What is IPaC?

The Information, Planning, and Conservation (IPaC) decision support system is a conservation planning tool for streamlining the environmental review process. It provides you-our partners-with the ability to explore the landscape and help you to site your projects in a way that minimizes conflicts with natural resources.

With IPaC's landscape explorer tool, you can view wetlands, GAP land cover, USFWS critical habitat, and other nature resource map layers.

Through IPaC, you can get a preliminary USFWS species list and, in many locations across the U.S., a USFWS Official Species list. Available, too, are links to species life history information, the USFWS Migratory Bird program, Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act information, and more.

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Last updated: April 26, 2015