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Raw Results Table column definitions:

Column Name Definition
Catalog Number Catalog Number
Catalog Title Catalog Title
Sample Number Sample Number
Analyte Name Analyte Name
Sample Matrix This field will include the label that "best describes" the composition of the sample to be analyzed.
Matrix Category ECDMS Matrix Category
Common Name Common Name
Analyte Category ECDMS Analyte Category
DL Rel Relationship of the result to the Detection Limit
Dry Weight (ppm) Dry Weight (ppm)
DL Dry (ppm) Detection Limit Dry (ppm)
Wet Weight (ppm) Wet Weight (ppm)
DL Wet Detection Limit Wet (ppm)
Percent Result For Results reported in Percent
Collection Date Collection Date
Sample Weight (grams) Sample Weight (grams)
Sample Volume (milliliter) Sample Volume (milliliter)
Lab Sample Weight (grams) Lab Sample Weight (grams)
Site Class This field is used to classify the site from which a sample came.
Composite This field is used to indicate if the sample being submitted is comprised of multiple samples.
Sample Age Sample Age
Sample Sex Sample Sex
Egg Condition Egg Condition
State Name State Name
County County
Latitude Latitude
Longitude Longitude
Decimal Latitude Decimal Latitude
Decimal Longitude Decimal Longitude
Coordinate Method This field indicates what method the catalog submitter used to enter the sample site location.
Submitter Submitter
USGS Watershed Code This field is used to record the USGS watershed code of the site where the sample was collected.
USGS Watershed Name This field indicates what method the catalog submitter used to enter the sample site location.
Taxonomical Category Taxonomical Category
Taxonomical Order Taxonomical Order
Taxonomical Family Taxonomical Family
Taxonomical Genus Taxonomical Genus
Genus / Species Genus / Species
Location The intention of this field is to record a place name or description that will help further locate or identify where a sample was collected.
FWS Refuge This field is used to store the name of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service refuge from which the sample was collected, if applicable.
Analyte CAS Number Chemical Abstracts Service number assigned to the analyte referenced.