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Data Explorer

The easiest way to begin using the REST API is via the ECOS Data Explorer's point-and-click user interface. As you join data and create filters within the explorer, it captures your interactions as REST API parameters.

Use the explorer's Export Link button to view and copy the valid REST API URL.

See the Help tab with the Data Explorer for additional assistance using data explorer interface.



Read the full Pull Reports parameter documentation for a description of valid parameter values.

Semicolon separated list of columns to include in the report results.
Boolean value which controls uniqueness in the export results.
Filter(s) to restrict the export results. A filter is composed of a column reference, operator, and (optional) value.
Determines the format of the results. Available values are .
Limits the number of results to the given value.
Specifies the export result offset from zero.
Semicolon separated list of columns by which to sort the results.


Requests into the API always export at least one column from the service's base table: . Use the columns parameter to join additional columns from supportive tables into your request result.

For example, to include all columns from a supportive table with path /table/path into the result, specify the table path within the columns parameter:


To include a subset of columns, include a comma separated list of column id's after the table path:


Use one or more filter parameters on any column to restrict the result to just rows which match the filter condition(s).

For instance, the following filter restricts the results to all records in which columnId1 in supportive table /table/path has a value greater than 1000:

&filter=/table/path@columnId1 > 1000

See the Pull Reports Export Report API for a complete description of all API parameter format and capabilities.

Base Table

Supportive Tables

The following tables may be joined to the base table to add additional information to the data service.