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ECOS Data Services

ESA Species Critical Habitat Boundaries

Technology: ESRI ArcGIS Feature and Tile Services
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) designated Critical Habitat boundary polygons and lines.

Section 7 Consultation Issued Biological Opinions

Technology: Pull Reports / REST

When a Federal agency determines, through a biological assessment or other review, that its action is likely to adversely affect a listed species, the agency submits to the Service a request for formal consultation. During formal consultation, the Service and the agency share information about the proposed project and the species likely to be affected. Formal consultation may last up to 90 days, after which the Service will prepare a biological opinion on whether the proposed activity will jeopardize the continued existence of a listed species. The Service has 45 days after completion of formal consultation to write the opinion.

More Information

Quick links:
  • Summary Report: A prepared report with the default columns for Biological Opinions.
  • Data Explorer: Use the data explorer to construct custom queries into the REST-API. The explorer permits joining data, adding filters, sorting, and changing the export format type (e.g HTML, XML, JSON, or CSV).
  • Example request: All Biological Opinions in html, json, xml, and csv.

ESA XQuery Service

Technology: XQuery / REST
Minimal data service of species of conservation concern to the U.S. FWS related to its responsibilities under the Endangered Species Act. The service includes minimal listing and taxonomy attributes.

IPaC Location API

Technology: REST
The IPaC Location API enables external applications to create and request data from IPaC projects through a REST-ful interface. The returned data includes information about ESA Threatened & Endangered Species, Migratory Birds, and sensitive wetlands in the given location.