Endangered Species Act Status Codes in ECOS

E -- Endangered
T -- Threatened
EmE -- Emergency Listing, Endangered
EmT -- Emergency Listing Threatened
EXPE, XE -- Experimental Population, Essential
EXPN, XN -- Experimental Population, Non-Essential
SAE, E(S/A) -- Similarity of Appearance to an Endangered Taxon
SAT, T(S/A) -- Similarity of Appearance to a Threatened Taxon
SC -- Species of Concern
SU -- Status Undefined
UR -- Under Review in the Candidate or Petition Process
PE -- Proposed Endangered
PT -- Proposed Threatened
PEXPE, PXE -- Proposed Experimental Population, Essential
PEXPN, PXN -- Proposed Experimental Population, Non-Essential
PSAE, PE(S/A) -- Proposed Similarity of Appearance to an Endangered Taxon
PSAT, PT(S/A) -- Proposed Similarity of Appearance to a Threatened Taxon
RT -- Resolved Taxon
C -- Candidate Taxon, Ready for Proposal
C2 -- Heritage Program Taxon of Concern, FWS NOR Taxon before 1996
D3A -- Delisted Taxon, Evidently Extinct
D3B -- Delisted Taxon, Invalid Name in Current Scientific Opinion
D3C -- Delisted Taxon, Recovered
DA -- Delisted Taxon, Amendment of the Act
DM -- Delisted Taxon, Recovered, Being Monitored First Five Years
DO -- Delisted Taxon, Original Commercial Data Erroneous
DP -- Delisted Taxon, Discovered Previously Unknown Additional Populations and/or Habitat
DR -- Delisted Taxon, Taxonomic Revision (Improved Understanding)
AD -- Proposed Delisting
AE -- Proposed Reclassification to Endangered
AT -- Proposed Reclassification to Threatened
DNS -- Original Data in Error - Not a listable entity
NL -- Not Listed
Unlist -- Pre-Act Delisting (or clearance--removal from the Lists) (code no longer in use)
E* -- Endangered Genus (code no longer in use)