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Returns information about Recovery Actions based on the filtration selections you make below. Filters are applied additively so that the more filters you select, the more refined the result set. Mouse over for field help

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Default fields

Includes fields: Plan or Addendum, Plan Title, Plan Lead Region (FWS), Plan Lead Office (FWS).
Includes fields: Species Common Name, Species Scientific Name, Species Listing Status, Species Recovery Priority Number, Species Taxonomic Group
Includes fields: Action Number, Action Description, Action Priority, Action Status, Comments, Action Species, Work Types, Labor Types, Responsible Parties, Estimated Completion Date, Estimated Initiation Date
Includes fields: Implementation Activity Number, Implementation Activity Description, Implementation Activity Status, Implementation Activity Estimated Initiation Date, Implementation Activity Estimated Completion Date, Implementation Activity Labor Types, Implementation Activity Work Types, Implementation Activity Responsible Parties, Implementation Activity Comments, Implementation Activity Species

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